Take A Stand by Brenda R. Bryan

How are you feeling right now? The state of women’s bodies and women’s rights are beginning threaten once again. It feels like we are stepping backward.

During a time when many liberties were being threatened, this is how one country stood against oppressive action. 

“Never Give In – Never Surrender”Winston Churchill

There is no better time for you as a woman to take a stand and claim your voice. 

If not now, then when?

When will you step into the action of claiming your sovereignty? 

I like to say that I am pissed, but I am not. I have been watching the slow gain of women’s rights, expecting the kickback to come. So, no surprise there.

If you have been watching, you would see that this setback is a win. 

How is it a win?

Well, are you pissed off? Good! That means you’re invested. 

Anger is passion. 

The need now is to turn that passion into a creative force for change. 

The very fact that they can take away our rights after 50 years says that we as women have to, and need to, SPEAK UP!

We must use our voice, use our passion, to correct this bullshit. 

How, you say? It’s a subversive act to stand against injustice, to stand for your bodies, your daughters’ bodies, your cousins’, your wives’, your beloved. When we stand against an oppressor, it’s subversive. It’s a subversive act to create and own our businesses. It’s a subversive act to create a women’s economy that empowers women’s abilities to have the voting power that money brings. 

Here’s the hard truth, you owning and acting on your truth, will change the very frequency of how we get things done. It is the small acts done with the intention to build your voice, your confidence, and your message, that will change the world. 

We say during the 2016 elections how complacency on our part can really be damaging to the very fiber of what we value. Why are you afraid to SPEAK UP? 

Recently, I realized that I am scared deep in my core about my visibility. That it takes everything in me to book a speaking gig. I can spend a lot of time fussing over things that are excuses for not picking up that phone and asking for a place to share my message. It stinks. I am also really aware that the need to follow my purpose to empower women has a drive to it that is so much greater than my fear. I am grateful for this since I don’t want my fear to control me.

Why are you not speaking?  What’s your silence doing for you? Keeping you safe? Is it so you don’t upset anyone, or cause any waves? Are you afraid of getting hurt?  We have lots of reasons and be afraid and do it anyway. 

Never Give In – Never Surrender

SOOO- this is where I get pissed. Not because of what they’re doing, I expect that of them. It’s historic, long been the order of the day. 

I am pissed because too many women remain silent, invisible, and complacent in how they’re showing up and not using their power and influence to take action. 

Take a stand. 

If not now, then when? 

If you are a woman in business, you have every reason to learn how to SPEAK UP. 

It’s your pathway to connect with a life you love. It is your genius shining through as you bring to life that quest to fulfill your purpose. 

It is where you get to have influence and impact while raising your income. 

This is why I started the Raise Your Voice Speakers Club.

I am aware of the number of women who have silenced their voices. I believe that women need a safe and sacred circle to find that voice and own it. It’s a voice that is needed by those they are meant to serve; your clients need you!

Clients need what you offer, not something like it, but what you bring to it with your unique life experience.  

I had a conversation with a woman who said “Oh, I am not a speaker”. 

My question to her was, “Are you speaking to your clients? Are you communicating with those who need your services?” She said, “Yes, of course”. 

Then you’re a Speaker. 

Crafting your message is communicating. The time spent to flush out what language your clients are speaking, what problems they need help with, and what results are they looking for, is building a presentation that serves. 

And when viewed from that perspective, you begin to structure a conversation that is designed to reach your clients where they’re at. You speak their language while supporting them in a way that they can know, like, and trust you. 

There is a way to write copy that translates into a way to speak to and reach your ideal client. 

Speaking is a craft. Just like all the skills you will challenge yourself to learn, you can learn to be effective at speaking.  It is just like knowing how to build your brand, or do a video, or write a book. It is you, developing the means to impact those who need your genius. Your 30-second introduction, a consultation, a 5-minute to 2-hour presentation, all come from the same identification of your niche and your voice.  

This is the work we do to build a connection to our tribe. 

If you are in business, it is to build influence, impact, and income. 

You need to be visible to get your message out there.  

Speaking is the fastest growing industry around the world. You now have the ability to reach clients globally. No longer are you confined by state or country. Look at the possibilities for your services!

If not now, then when? 

YOUR VOICE is needed. Your tribe needs you. You can receive the support you need to build your confidence. Develop your style for authenticity and impact. And you can create massive income when you target your presentation to be heard by the clients you will love. 

This is where your business can excel. When you say NO to fear and YES to winning your freedom, you can design a life you love. 

Your voice matters, your dream matters.

Let me support you to grow your impact, influence, and income by building your confidence to speak. 

Come join the Raise Your Voice Speakers Club. Invest in the change the world is expecting of you. 

You can even place quotations!

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