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Hi, my name is

Brenda R. Bryan

I graduated as a Communications Designer from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. This education set me up to be creative and innovative in all areas of Life. Now I like to refer to myself as a renaissance woman. After a short and frightening experience working under an oppressive system in the corporate world I took my skills into the nonprofit world.

I joined the second wave of the Women’s Movement. After years of political activity, the disparity my community felt when our actions failed to create any change had me looking for a different means to create change. I read the book “Working from the Inside Out” by Sonia Johnson, which changed my approach to everything I did. From that point on I recognized the need for tools that would change the world through the inner work that reflected the outer consciousness.

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In 1986 I started a new direction as a student at Heartwood Institute. Graduating as a Transformational Coach, my training included – Breath work, Clinical Hypnotherapy and extensive studies in personal development work. Again, I worked in the corporations and Nonprofit world this time coming from the empowered position as consultant.

The knowledge and training I had then positioned my work to be hired by Heartwood to restructure the organization to fulfill its mission and purpose as a healing vocational arts school and intentional community. I had the great privilege to interweave my passion to create social and political change with the practical applications of my studies in group dynamics and Body Centered Therapy, to create a community that had the ability to resolve conflict through personal responsibility and practicing emotional intelligence.

After 10 years of intense community development work, I returned to my private practice and became a real estate enthusiast, where I bought property- renovated, flipped or was the property manager. During this time, I lived as a hermit, rebuilding my community, struggling to find a way forward that lifted my soul and was fulfilling to my creative side.

I have been very blessed to have spiritual guidance all of my life, for each major change I made in my life was given to me in the form of a dream, vision, or voices speaking to me.

Then one day I landed in intensive care which saved my life and I would be changed forever.

They had found a tumor on my kidney, a very invasive cancer. I really understood how” Spirit moves in mysterious ways”. And that day I knew how I was being taken care of and that I was saved for a purpose. Then and there I would commit to using all my gifts for a divine purpose, living in gratitude for this precious life.


That day I began praying out loud for guidance “Please Great Spirit light up the path before me so I may serve to the highest good for all.”

That prayer was answered by a seven-day lucid dream while supporting my spiritual community during vision quest camp. I was told to surrender, sell everything and go solo. I was given yet another directive to follow. Life is short. No more hiding for me. ( This story is so much longer, ask me I love telling stories. )

I started the transition by rebooting my coaching with the Institute of integrative Nutrition, where I added Health Coaching to my list of resources. With the added training I got from all my studies I now set out to find my place in a new city, new community and new career. Every step being guided by a higher purpose.

I fully believe in a holistic approach to change.

The last 10 years I have focused on the skills that develop our women’s economy. I support Badass women entrepreneurs to Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Powerful as the leaders who are needed to create a shift in all arenas of living a purpose driven life.

Armed with the passion to thrive and live a life full of vitality, I feed a craving for learning by building my best programs through trainings and education. I have been engaged with continuous training and coaches that support the development of my business and the business of those clients I get to serve.

My mentors/guides include Danielle Louise Ross- Intuitively Speaking, Dick Moser- Toastmasters mentor, Jay Fiset -Masterminds to Millions and LEAD, Kristen Schiffer Thompson – Rock Your Talk Mastermind, Tressa Yonekawa Bundren – Mastermind for Feminine Power, Patti Keating – The Entrepreneur Unleaded, Jennifer Diepstraten- High Ticket Sales, Mary Morrissey – Dream Builders and Brave Thinking Mastery and the journey continue to learn and bring leading edge training to my tribe.


I am a knowledgeable advisor who provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your life: body, mind and spirit. As a Transformational/Speakers Coach, I will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory advice to determine what changes are necessary for you.

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