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Badass Women


Let’s change the world and attract more clients.

But, why Brenda?

Brenda holds a vision for what is possible and will take you on that journey to that possibility.

Brenda is a kick-ass speaker with a passion for women’s empowerment. She is a dynamic, passionate, and knowledgeable keynote and workshop leader. Her warm-hearted, humorous style has an innate way of making everyone feel like she knows them. As a natural-born storyteller, she paints pictures with words that draw you into the moment and create an environment where the audience feels connected and seen.

Her passion and knack for storytelling can engage a room. Her life experience has given her deep wisdom as a facilitator, teacher, and leader who can read and lead a room.

“Brenda Bryan was a featured keynote speaker at the 2023 Inspire Conference for the Women to Women Network. Her session, which was a mix of presentation, discussion, and activities, was thought-provoking and delightfully interactive.

She has a natural ease about her on the stage, infusing serious topics with humor and grace, and has a knack for drawing the audience into deep discussions where they can be vulnerable and honest. This is where the magic happens at any conference, and Brenda delivers!

Attendees commented in the following days and weeks how Brenda impacted them, and how the key takeaways from her talk have stuck with them.”

-Liz Hatcher, CEO, Women to Women Network

Clients say…