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Raise Your Voice Speakers Club

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Powerful.

Raise Your Voice Speakers Club is a program designed to empower women by developing leadership and consciousness, claiming their greatest gifts and using them to serve their tribe and the world.

They learn the art of influencing and impact, designing a presentation to touch the hearts of their ideal client.

the mission

The mission of the Raise Your Voice Speakers Club is to advance the development of aspiring women speakers to become confident, knowledgeable speakers and business women. This is based on the belief that by acknowledging our own story and showing up authentically, we are able to make a meaningful contribution that helps create a world in which women can be fully valued, seen and heard.

Speakers Club

the speakers club provides,

a safe and sacred space for women to tell their stories in order to heal, develop authenticity, and build confidence.

The efforts we put forward in the club are designed to create an atmosphere of growth. It gives you the support and encouragement you need to fulfill your deepest desire.

Yes, you practice public speaking. However, all the ways you build your confidence and grow in your power are the fiber of raising your voice to be influential and impactful in creating your message and your dreams.

Each week of the program focuses on a different growth area, including work on presentations, emotional intelligence, mindset work and business development strategies. We believe that acknowledging our story and showing up authentically will lead to meaningful contributions that create a world in which women are fully valued, seen, and heard.

the benefits

The Speakers Club is structured to provide the support, accountability and opportunity to test run your presentation so that you can continue to reach your tribe and have the impact to keep growing your business.

benefits of the club:

Support network and accountability partners that won't let you fail
Heightened self-awareness
Develop your message to reach your ideal client
Increased confidence and personal power
A safe space to take risks
You will be a Badass Speaker
Increase your income

The Speakers are Saying…

The Raise Your Voice Speakers Club is a safe and sacred place to risk exploring the full width and depth of your power.

My passion is to support you in your becoming. To give you all the heart and passion I have for your soul to flourish. It is such a blessing to have these club members showing up each week and staying steadfast in growing personally, as business women and as Inspired Speakers.

Curious if this is right for you?

Book a 30 minute conversation with Brenda. You’ll discover your next move in business, get all the details, and decide if this is the right program for you.