Building Our Own Economy by Brenda R. Bryan

What’s the deal with not knowing how to balance a checkbook?
What does it take for you to look at your financial behaviors?

I grew up watching my Mom count every penny and always worried there would not be enough to meet expenses. I watched as she took a dollar and turned it into an elastic band, stretching what she had so her 2 children would be well dressed and clean. I had three sets of clothes: work wear, school clothes, and special occasions. Everything was used to its max.

For some time now, I have been using the words “women’s economy” when talking about our rights as women and our empowerment. But what do I mean by “women’s economy”?

Over the 50 years I have been working with women, there has always been a deep issue of self-worth. My experience shows that women have been undervalued and underappreciated for so long, that we have started to believe the lies about our value. As someone who struggles with my value and asking for money, I need to find a way to live a quality life. I have searched for methods I can step into greater awareness of what it takes to generate a state of deep wealth.

I remember hearing a presenter many years ago who was talking about if married women got paid for their services at rates that were equal work of equal value, how different our finances would be, our economy.

She broke it out something like this:
Chief chef and dishwasher- $150,000
Nanny/babysitter -$125.000
Housekeeper – $90,000
Maiden of the night $200,000
Personal assistant part-time $60,000

You get the picture. How many jobs do women do where is expected of them as part of our roles in life but not valued enough to get fully recognized for or paid for?

The idea that if a man picks up a hammer and drives a few nails he will call himself a master carpenter. If a woman builds 5 houses and has a lifetime of skills it was because others helped her succeed. What does it take to stand in our worth?

Developing our own economy is about taking charge of our worth. We need to educate ourselves on what financial literacy is and shift our mindset to align with the abundance we deserve. It is about being empowered to live the quality of life you claim.

For August, I going to be inviting you into the conversation on Owning Your Worth through claiming and developing our own economy. It is time we educate and develop a plan for our success as business owners by stepping into a mindset of a millionaire.

It’s a conscious shift to walk through the fear of not enough and into the manifestation process of controlling our income and livelihood.

This is why I have 2 programs that support women in growing their businesses. The Raise Your Voice Speakers Clubsupports women to build their confidence by learning the art of public speaking so that they can be visible to have greater impact, influence and impact.

The Badass Warriors Circle Mastermind is all about learning to shift your mindset and build a dream based on your burning desire while learning the tools for building that dream. Both programs are designed to support your life’s economy and contribute to women changing where the line of thriving begins.

Over the years, I have been responsible for getting a number of million-dollar businesses out of the red and into the black. What I find funny, (not in a good way) is the story I have controlling my own financial success. I want us all to climb this mountain together, to lock arms and move the poverty line forward by our personal success and the good of our children and community. To that end, what steps can you take to be aware of your money? How can you invite it in as a friend? What old story around money do you need to change? What would it take for you to be tracking your income and expenses?

A few months back, I reached out to Connie Vanderzanden of Cash Flow & Business Mentor. She is so amazing, knowledgeable, and generous. What she set me up with inspired me to act. I had attended a meeting she had organized where I got in touch with the idea of creating a ritual around money and working with the spirit of money. How could I make money, my friend? I started setting up money dates as recommended by a few of my financial wealth mentors, and this time it took hold! For the last 7 months, I have focused on knowing my numbers and using it to be in harmony with my Time-Money-Freedom vision.

Lots more to come, however, this is the first month I reached my monthly financial goals. Worth noticing, I believe because I invested in a relationship with money and the bigger picture of how money can be impactful to the legacy I wish to achieve, this is why I found success. What would your motivation be for you to be in charge of your money and your financial freedom?

To go forward we must take charge and educate ourselves on all things related to our money.

That is why I have invited my good friend Dr. Raquel Muller to join me on August 17th for a conversation and some hot tips. Below is her write-up. I hope you can take the time to listen to the Facebook recording.

Are you an intelligent, educated, competent woman who nonetheless feels confused, overwhelmed, or intimidated by money? You’re not alone! Many women feel this way, and it’s no wonder because financial literacy is not taught in school. Furthermore, many of us have been given the message that in order to grow and invest money you have to be a man, a “numbers person” or have a degree in finances. All of these are false!

Dr. Raquel Muller can teach you, in plain English, how money really works, so that you can make financial decisions from a place of knowledge, power, and confidence, whether you have a partner or not.   

During this juicy and empowering interview, Dr. Raquel will share specific steps you can start taking TODAY to take control of your financial future and create the lifestyle you desire.  Plus, attendees will have a chance to receive a copy of 2020 and 2021’s most read personal finance book “How Money Works: Stop Being a Sucker.” 


Ok, so here is what I leave you with… You are a powerful force for change. You and I having control of our lives demands that we take charge of our money story.

The beautiful magic that happens when we build our confidence around our economy will lift others to do the same.

Shall we step into this together?

Brenda R Bryan
Diviner of Human Potential

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