Does Public Speaking Scare You? by Brenda R. Bryan

Have you ever been curious about what it takes to be free of the fear of public speaking?

Since I arrived in Portland, one of my consistent and intentional acts has been to be visible. When rebooting my coaching career, I knew I had to reengage with a part of me I had put on a shelf for over 12 years. I had taken the path of isolating myself and becoming a hermit. I had 10 years of experience managing 240 acres of land and 60 staff. Although I loved it, I had worn myself out and needed to regenerate from the 24/7 management of a residential healing arts school.

I knew I had to rebuild my public speaking muscle if I was going to get outside of my deep fear of starting over. I had moved to a city where I knew only a handful of people in my Spiritual community. This was going to be tough.

My first decision was to find a Toastmasters club near my home. The one I found was within walking distance, and I scored with the Red Cross Toastmasters club. I find myself a fantastic mentor – Dick Moser. We all need people we can work with and trust when stepping into greater visibility. Dick was a gift in my life; his kind heart and deep knowledge of public speaking lifted me into an award-winning presenter.

Being visible can bring up many paradigms that keep us from living in the abundance of our most valuable gifts. I have a speaker gift, but fear kept me playing small.

However, here is the thing: no matter what we want, we must “make a decision” for it. We must design it and build it.

I work with heart-centered women entrepreneurs. As women, our programming has been to know our place, speak only when spoken to, don’t outshine your partner, parents, or 3rd cousin twice removed. You get the idea. Yes, somewhere in you, you have been told to be less than. When choosing to shine as a Speaker, you are saying “F_ _ K You” to a system that has been working to keep you silent and invisible.

Yep, you can impact the status quo by using your voice.

What the hell? As long as you’re afraid to exercise your birthright, they win. They keep winning because not enough of us are stepping up to be visible, heard, or the change agent we have been waiting for.

The system of oppression wins until you decide to use your power for your vision.

I don’t want that, do you?

Why public speaking? There are so many other ways to have an impact. Yes, there are, but delivering your passion through a crafted message is more influential and impactful.

As women entrepreneurs, we have fought the system that keeps us still getting paid 79 cents on the dollar and getting passed over for advancement. We are still dealing with systems designed for men by men that do not even consider women’s needs.

Is there a prayer within you that wants to have a different impact? I hope so, for until each woman can step up and claim her spot at the table, the systems that impact our lives will not change. Am I exaggerating? NO!

What I am saying is that you’re the ripple effect. Your voice, your unique life experience. Your way of saying it, designing it, and delivering your vision and your message can only be done by you. You’re the only one designed with your unique gifts, talents, qualities, and opportunities. YOU are the one with the voice your clients need to hear from.

Does that scare you? Great leaders are uncomfortable. They are in fear and do it anyway. They decide to serve their vision and go forward with so much discomfort. And yet they know the pain is part of the payback. It is what building new muscle to succeed is like.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, you will build many new muscles supporting your business to thrive. And I am here to help you to be that ripple effect and to work smarter, not harder.

Here are some of the benefits of learning the skill of public speaking:

  • It builds your confidence.
  • You develop a message that speaks to your tribe.
  • You learn the craft of delivering your message.
  • You have copy and materials you can use for other platforms: Facebook, IG, Tic-Toc, YouTube, podcasts, keynotes, workshop facilitation, etc.
  • You go from speaking in front of one to in front of many. It’s the fastest way to know your audience and people.
  • Speakers are leading the way as money generators on many different platforms.
  • You can create your own speaking events and control where you speak and who gets the benefits for all your training.
  • Speaking is a learnable craft; anyone can benefit from its application.
  • Stand out in a crowd; a well-delivered introduction can have people rushing to speak to you.
  • Book speaking gigs when you want to enroll new clients. (You don’t need to always speak; however, when you embody your signature talk, you can attract new clients on your terms.)
  • Speaking has the most significant ROI (Return on Investment) for the investment. It’s a skill you take with you wherever your dreams go.
  • You will improve your communication skills and be a more effective listener.
  • You will develop the skills to read and lead a room with impact.

I have invested in my Raise Your Voice Speakers Club these past four years. I have been public speaking since high school, spent seven years in Toastmasters, and hired several speaker coaches to support my message. It is vital to have support through a coach, mentor, or structure that provides the feedback and encouragement needed to overcome that uncomfortable feeling of stretching into a new skill set.

Developing an impactful message/presentation takes a lot of work but also has a great payoff. Of all the skills I have, speaking is the one that generates my clients and is up-leveling my income.

What a joy it is for the club members to have a safe and sacred space to develop their confidence and message. When you can practice your presentation and get feedback, your message becomes more apparent, and your delivery takes on its own style. You will learn the foundation for constructing a presentation and the tools for running your business as a Speaker. Like all skills, many components build your confidence, support your business, and create an income you are working towards.

Is 2024 the year you will “Make A Decision” to create significant influence, impact, and income? I hope so! Time is speeding by, and you are leaving money on the table because you are ‘winking in the dark,’ hoping your ideal clients hear you. Let’s move towards a plan designed for your true self to be visible and thrive. Let’s get you speaking up for your value, gifts, and vision. And let’s do it YOUR WAY.

Make that decision today to sign up for a 60-minute complementary session – Change your impact and build your business by getting to be Known, Liked, and Trusted.

No more ‘winking in the dark’ for you.

You can even place quotations!

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