Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the Music! by Brenda R. Bryan

Celebrate, Celebrate – Dance to the Music

That’s what we will be doing at my 70th Birthday Party /Book Launch!

As I head into a new decade (a journey I am looking forward to), I want to celebrate a life I love. 

It has been such a journey to learn and come to this place of celebration with so much gratitude that some days I think I am going to burst with joy! Joy has been hard-won in my life, learning to be happy has taken a lot of mindset changes. 

When I first came to Portland, I only knew a handful of people who belonged to my spiritual community. Coming here was on a wish and a prayer that I could find my way and reboot a career I had placed on the side. After almost 10 years of managing 240 areas and a staff of 50+, creating a welcoming environment for more than 300 students and guests, I was ready for a change.

Stepping into the call to surrender, selling everything, and going solo took a lot of work. Life had plans for me and I was hearing the call. 

I have loved getting to meet so many amazing women who are focused on building a life they love. I have learned incredible amounts from the generosity and inclusivity I have felt from so many. 

Celebrating, for me, has not come easy. I had no idea what people were talking about when they spoke of being happy. That was not my up-bring and it was difficult breaking the habits of a well-meaning family deeply logged in beliefs that were spotty, to say the least, around celebrating. 

SOOO.……. Here we are breaking that habit and taking a stand for the joy I receive when I see and feel a community of people I love. 

OH, that’s you. I value and treasure so many contacts I have fostered over the nine years I have been here. 

With the last 2 years being so difficult on anyone who missed their family and community, I want to do what I can to fill up that empty space as best I can. 

I know for many of you, you will need to do a risk assessment. It’s important that we do the best we can to support the decisions you need to make to remain safe and healthy. 

The good news is we have a very beautiful space that has two nice, large rooms where we can practice the social distancing required by the state mandate. Wear your masks and choose how much contact you can manage. 

Come Celebrate with me so you can recharge your joy. 

I have a fun evening planned of reading from my new poetry book Inward and Beyond- Transformation is a Conscious Choice. I have invited a few special guests to play, as we co-create an evening of connection and community. 

I am hoping we will have the book in hand – it’s a tight agenda but I have a few copies and you will get to hear a few poems and see some of the photos that make up the coffee table hard-covered book. 

And Oh Yes, it’s my birthday! We will have lots of goodies, finger food, drinks, and surprises! You will have to be there to experience it. 

Please accept a heartfelt invitation to celebrate! 

I have invited a few visual artists to show their work. Also, I have invited a number of people to co-create with the poems as we put together an evening of celebration. 

Come join the Celebration 

Date: Saturday, February 19th 2022

Time: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm 

 Open Haus2 Co-Workers Space

                 Conference room 209-second floor.

                 122 NW Third Ave., Portland, OR 97209  



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