Unlocking the Power Within by Brenda R. Bryan

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken on your own.”
-Warren Buffet

When we are born, we are empty containers wide open for programming. All of life starts to pour into us. Others give us what they decide we need to live in this life. We absorb everything around us, known and unknown—all the teachings from our families, TV, church, school, and the environment. We get filled up so much that 95 % of what we learn is unconscious. Imagine it; we operate daily with only 5 % awareness of all the habits, beliefs, and patterns that go on to create the results in our lives.

Personally, that scares the shit out of me; 95% of the decisions I make about my life are totally unconscious? How do we change our lives if so much of what we do is invisible to us? Or is it?

When discussing how to achieve our desired results, we often say, “I will work harder, I will learn that new system, I will fight harder for my dream. I will hire that coach who tells me I can move from zero to seven figures in 90 days.”

I have to tell you, so often, I hired a new coach, praying they could rescue me from myself, my unconscious 95%, my victimhood, and my circumstances. You see, I was carrying around the chains of my programming. I had no idea how heavy they had become until I could not lift out of the shame I felt for not moving my business to the next level.

I knew patterns called paradigms were in play, but I could not determine which patterns were causing the results. I was stuck in limiting beliefs and had no idea how to differentiate between the pattern of behavior, the unconscious beliefs, or the daily habits I was living in that kept me circling the drain of discontent. What did I need to know and do in the name of change?

I am a curious woman, so I started asking for guidance. With all the work I had done and all the tools I was using, what was I missing?

I was missing the ability to live in the moment from my vision. My mind works so fast, and the paradigms had me in their grip, costing me at so many levels.

I was asking for a new way. Something I could do that would change my results. That is when I reconnected with Mary Morrissey’s Dream Builders program. This proven, repeatable, reliable system was my answer. It showed me the tools I could use and how to identify and reprogram the patterns that got in my way. Every moment of every day, I endeavor to stay in the presence of my dream.

So, let me ask you this? Where are your pain points? Or maybe you don’t even recognize them as pain points. You’ve just accepted that this is the way life is. How long have you longed for something different but don’t know where to start? You’ve been stuck in depression. Your anxiety is getting worse. You know damn well that the limiting beliefs are getting in the way of your success. How often through the day do you find yourself in self-doubt or fear, causing you to stop breathing? Does it happen so frequently that you don’t even notice it? Your discontent grows as you search for a way out but don’t know where to turn next. That’s how the chains become so heavy that you cannot break them on your own.

This is my ‘why’ for doing the work I do. I want to break the chains that keep us stuck in paradigms that limit our success.

When we control our thinking, we can only control the reprogramming necessary to create new results. I was taught that feelings mattered first, but that’s the wrong order. Our thoughts create our feelings, which then create our actions, which determine our results.

For years, I let my emotions be in control. I have many feelings generated from all the programming, but that is not my truth. They were feelings that others decided for me, feelings that got in the way of dreams I wanted to achieve.

With my DreamBuilding Coaching certification, I received the training necessary to take the next step to release the chains that were too heavy to break on my own. And now, I want to help you experience that freedom.

With the DreamBuilders Program, I will guide you through the 10 steps to achieving your success:

  • You will learn the #1 factor between you and your dreams coming true (more critical than positive thinking, working hard, or even refusing to give up)…
  • How to harness the higher power that breathes life into you and the intuition that lies within you to guide you with amazing precision through ANY problematic life circumstance, step by step…
  • A set of tools that can save you years of wasted time and energy so you can move your life forward stress-free and make things better for you and the ones you love…

This DreamBuilders work is a proven, reliable, and repeatable system that has impacted millions worldwide to create lives they love.

What you’ll discover inside will help unlock a more extraordinary life for you and your loved ones. Start your journey today.


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