The Vision by Brenda R. Bryan

Imagine This: 20 women dressed in all white, wearing painters’ coveralls and white masks, standing in a spot on the stage in total darkness.

One voice rises from the stage, “I AM.”

One woman is getting ready to tell her story, a collective story.

She shares a story of pain, love, creativity, lessons, heart, laughs, and empowerment.

The women start with the one voice coming from the group, “I AM.”

Each woman now joins in a choir of “I Am.”

Each voice’s tone stands out in its vibrancy, its intent to share a part of themselves, an invitation to join the collective.

There is a desire to be seen, heard, and belong. The voices behind the masks begin to tell a story. Listen carefully as their journey unfolds.

Do you hear your story in theirs? My guess is that you start to tap in and identify with so many parts of the story, the voices now sharing themes within the storytelling.

We are taking a deep and intimate look at women’s lives and the truths of them. Each view is uniquely its own, but each story reveals and releases a part of each woman’s life left unseen, silenced by a society that does not value her voice or her point of view.

This night we change all that.

In small groups, they weave their story together, bringing the audience into their lives.

We call together women who are creatives, musicians, entrepreneurs, mothers, homeowners, and women on the edge. These are women taking a stand for themselves and those they love.

As the stories weave together, we are given a rare and precious gift of insight and longing, a gift of claiming and reclaiming. We are uncovering a power within that comes from the revelation of a shared story.

Sharing our stories is a powerful source for women to change their lives and influence those around them, encouraging others to share and tell their own stories. This process provides a sacred opportunity to change herstory.

But how will this story-sharing really go? I can think of 100 different ways. We will only know once we collectively build our stories and transform them into an experience we will co-create.

This is a call to action. I am calling for you to join the choir of voices, speaking to be healed and heard, to claim your mighty purpose.

Does this sound like something you’d like to co-create with other sisters?

It will be an adventure like no other. A commitment to your own telling. An opportunity to create an awareness of who you can be by sharing your story and collectively changing your life and the lives of countless other women who feel alone, isolated, disrespected, and unheard.

A collective story of what can now become our superpower.

You (yes, YOU!) could be an impactful influencer of change.

Your story matters. Let’s share it. Let’s change lives.

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