The Power of the Empress by Brenda R. Bryan

The Power of The Empress

All my life I have been interested in creativity and self-expression. Over the years I have come to know that a core value I hold is Self-Expression and, depending on the system you work with, my numerology is 3. Three is the Empress in every tarot deck. As I live my dream, I see the golden thread of strength is in alignment with this, the magic of the Empress. The power of the Empress.

My favorite tarot deck is the Medicine Women’s Inner Guide by Carol Bridges. I have been using it to reframe my thoughts and language for almost 20 years. As I get tapped into the level of serving, the place that I want to lean in and stand for, the Three in this desk shows exactly what is needed for each of us to truly live the life we deserve and seek.
I will be taking pieces of the explanation set out in the deck and inviting you to look deeper into the words and their meaning.

Number three in the medicine women’s inner guide book: 3 = Bounty.
Traditional name: The Empress.
Medicine Women Energy: Bountiful Earth Mother.
Affirmation: “I am a fertile ground of possibility. My talents, abilities and experience are now combined and compel me towards my highest expression. As I allow myself to be nurtured, I am confident that I will flower.”

The Card speaks:“Some have called me Mother Nature, others the Goddess of Earth. By any name, I am a woman in a paradise of creation. I am the lust beauty of the natural world. I am pregnant with potential. I control the material world through the images I hold in my mind and give them fuel through my love. I recognize the laws of nature work with them. This is my power. My mind draws from that what I observe and integrated this with what can be. My world is therefore in balance.”

Look at the words in these few lines. How aware of you of your mindset, the story you’re repeating to yourself? The vision of YOU. Are you engaged in how you control your thinking? Most of us are designing by default. What that means is that 95% of what we use is in the subconscious. That means the rest we create is from the unconscious. What changes all that is when we choose to create our life by design, using awareness and intentions with our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When we create by design we consciously change the subconscious mind by focused reprogramming through repetition of our vision.

This next statement changes that vision with emotions, feelings, and thoughts that lead to the beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that direct our successful outcomes.

“I live in the garden of my delights. I choose my concepts wisely. Like the flowers, I choose to plant. Every idea is a seed. I water what is beautiful. I am the womb of creation through which the fullness of life flows into every thought I dwell upon giving it life. I bear the children who are the parts of myself needing to be expressed. As the Cosmic Mother, I have given your life in order that you may blossom into your fullness.”

We as women are creators and influencers. Our work now is to pay attention to the background tapes that often are so familiar we no longer hear them. And yet, we can put our attention to noticing. Paying close attention. Is this an expansive or contractive thought and what feeling goes it generate? When we can turn to awareness we can control what we are transmitting and this lines up the frequency of our thoughts with the dream we are creating.

“I preserve my youthful vitality by my sensuous participation in life. With the plant ones, I speak, asking them to give me their nourishment. With all things and creatures, I am in constant telepathic communication, guiding their energies in my life. There is no thought that is not heard, never is a word unheeded. Thus, I have abandoned worry, for it calls that which I do not want. My call is the medicine call for all that is beauty into my life.”

I love the opportunities below to get into paying attention and using it to direct your life as the creator you are.

Self-question: Think of your mind as a garden. What is growing there?

Exercise: Walk in nature. Begin to talk with the beginnings there. Then stop to listen for the telepathic answers.

Meditation: Go now into a relaxed state. It will be beneficial if you were able to be outdoors or to hear the outdoors. Mentally, walk into the garden of the Earth Mother. Ask her to tell you of your hidden potential, your talents not yet in use, the child living within you as an unexpressed self. Ask her what your next step might be.

Visualization: Imagine yourself as a great mother. Feel yourself sitting in the midst of a lush landscape, surrounded by radiant colors and bright sounds. Listen. See. Make everything very clear. Notice details. Notice textures. And feel. And intensify those feelings. Stay as long as you like. Be nurtured.

Foods and colors and greenery are the bounty of nature’s backdrop, the riches of Earth. Go outside and enjoy the forest or surround yourself with living plants. In early spring, you may want to seek out wild food. There are plenty of books on the subject at your local library. This is a way to begin realizing that Mother Earth is always trying to provide for us.

Green is the color of balance and is aplenty. It is the security of all that grows.

Turning the Past into Pleasure

Many people have difficulty thinking of the past as positive and appreciating the experience that brought them to their present state of being. It is true that many people have endured real hardships and trauma in their lives, yet continuing to dwell on those past problems seldom does anything but handicap the person in the present.

One of the lessons of the bounty card is to appreciate all that has come before. Recognize that, at worst, it was all compost for what is growing inside you now. You can turn painful memories into a rich soil to develop the garden of your presence. You will need a partner willing to work with you on this experiment. Perhaps someone who already wants to transform one of their own past memories. Bring to mind the event you feel most often trips you up, something you wish had happened had not happened quite the way it did. When it is clear in your mind – only one at a time. Please continue with your friend in the following way:

1. Tell the event as a sad story.
2. Tell the event from another person’s point of view.
3. Tell the event from the perspective of an imagined higher being.
4. Tell the event as if it were a very happy occurrence.
5. Tell the event as if it were a situation comedy.

(Your friend only listens to each telling, perhaps asking questions for clarification and to encourage a full retelling of the tale each time.)

Then tell the story of the sixth time. This time in a way that feels empowering to YOU. It may a combination of some of the other ways you told it or it may be totally new. Then, ask your partner which way he/she liked the story best and why.

Now, go into your relaxed state and revisit the entire event just the way you would have liked it to be. This is your new memory.

You may at first feel that this new memory is not “true”. But if you interviewed everyone who was originally involved in the event, each person would have a different version of the ‘truth’. The real truth is whatever will set you free of the limitation this memory has put you on. You are taking power over the past by re-remembering. You are perceiving the situation differently, just as each person initially involved perceived it differently than you ever did. Every past experience can be a gift if you work with it this way. Your life is rich in memories that guide your present. You are rearranging them to support the you that you are becoming now.

What most don’t realize is that the mind knows no difference between past and future memories. When we create a memory in the future, we are setting in motion the energy that generates in the present the life we are creating. It’s such a gift, we as humans have the ability right in the moment to generate the feelings, thoughts, and vision of the being we view ourselves as. It’s powerful and we can control our awareness to generate the thoughts that support our vision. It takes practice and discipline to be in charge of the life you desire.

This is the work we do in the Badass Warriors Circle Mastermind. It’s set up to encourage the reprogramming and dream-building that support your success as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. It is our time as women to claim our lives and live them to our highest purpose. What are you willing to do differently to achieve your dreams? Developing your awareness and committing to your dream demands the best in you while having support and accountability moves the needle.

Where will you be a year from now? Same stories = same results. However, a conscious step into acting on your passion = different results.

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