The Law of Gratitude by Brenda R. Bryan

Many years ago, when following Oprah Winfrey, she was so enthusiastic about gratitude and its importance in our lives. Gratitude is about a healthy mental attitude, it is about reframing our lives to see and believe in the gifts that are offered us. This, as we well know, is much harder than one might expect.

Recommitted, I started a daily Gratitude Journal. To be honest, I found it difficult. I was struggling to see the good I had in my life. My mental approach was one of a victim. I knew that position well and, for so many years, really had no idea as to all the forms it was taken in my life. 

I was in a relationship where I was financially playing the victim. Every time my partner said she was happy when she found ten cents, she was overjoyed. While she was in her joy, I found myself in my anger. I was angry that while she was able to be happy and that I could not find that peace with myself. 

So fast forward… I start a new business. I am creating a new life. What was I going to bring to that life? What would I celebrate daily, what would I be grateful for? Knowing my life was saved from a life of suffering, I was saved from cancer. The tumor and kidney were removed. The cancer was removed. Spirit had saved me for a reason and it wasn’t to continue to be a victim, that’s for sure!

I started to look at my mental attitude, my programming, the ways I was closing off from the very things I had been praying for. I was not seeing how I was clamping the flow. 

Gratitude became my quest, I needed to learn to celebrate my life with the recognition of all I did have. 

I started to track what I needed to do to source my life from a different perspective. 

Here is what I learned about how gratitude worked in our lives. 

My gratitude journal was a must, I open every day listing at least 5 things I am grateful for. 

I found myself looking for the smallest things to celebrate. 

I began to understand that the physical and material things in my life come from one place, one source, and the more we acknowledge the source of all good, the better will come our way. We are related to that good. 

I began to understand that transformation, is a life-changing gratitude. It is a chosen and cultivated way of living life. 

Within every adversity is a seed of a greater benefit, It’s the building of the muscles to succeed.

Gratitude is NOT on the same frequency as want. 

My invitation to you is to dig deep into the awareness of the privilege that we have, the good we have, the life we get to choose and take responsibility for. Dig into the Law of Gratitude.

It’s our work to learn what it is to be in harmony with these laws. I started telling my father about these laws when I was young. I had no idea how to work with them consciously but kept noticing what it felt like when I was acting a certain way and paying attention to the gifts that showed up as lessons, as flow, as requests answered.

There are 3 Levels of Gratitude as outlined by Mary Morrissey from the Brave Thinking Institute.

•  Gratitude If/When – I am grateful “if” this happens or “when this happens”.

•  Gratitude For – I am grateful “for” things in life that I appreciate.

•  Gratitude In – I am grateful “in” whatever condition I find myself in.

Being grateful if or when something happens is a reactive gratitude, not generative. There is nothing wrong with that because it is still gratitude. However, forward-thinking is learning to live less reactively and be more proactive with more dominion over circumstances.

Being grateful for something is a natural appreciation for things in life, like for your family or pet or accomplishments or property.

Being grateful IN something is a level of gratitude that goes beyond if /when and for. We generate an unconditional gratitude, no matter what circumstances may be.

When we pay attention to where we are in our gratitude, with how we are feeling, what we are thinking, and the quality of life we are choosing to live, we get to keep the flow open. We get to generate a greater connection to source and find a place in our lives where living IN gratitude is a state that feeds and nurtures our lives.

I invite you to do the Gratitude Experiment.

• Journal 5 gratitude’s each night.

• Each morning, choose a generative gratitude – before your feet touch the floor.

• Practice 7 days of generating unconditional gratitude that you can feel, even when things aren’t the way you’d want them to be.

Love life and be grateful for who you get to be.  

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