The Joy of Drawing out the Gifts in Women's Hearts and Intentions by Brenda R. Bryan

What is it to light a spark in someone, to follow their passion, and believe in them?

Over the last three years, I have been in ah of the women who come to the Raise Your Voice Speakers Club. Why in ah? Because they’re badasses, courage-seekers, willing to step past their fears to communicate with their people. They are eager to dig deep into what is an authentic message, one that lights them up, one they are willing to share.

That is the joy for me. I get to watch the SPARK. I get to see the penny drop. Yes, it is what I love watching. The goal my clients show up for is the inner work that generates a different frequency so their audience will want to connect, find out more about who they are, and invest in themselves. These women can support the results they seek.

Isn’t that the reason we are in business, to connect?

Connection = Currency

Now there is the Currency of money. Yes, we want to step into that wealth always.

There is also the Currency of Connection, the vibration of confidence, living in our genius, and crafting the vision of who we are and how we service.

What I love about coaching, specifically as a Speakers Coach, is that my clients get to shift their beliefs in themselves. They are leaning into the story they get to heal and one that encourages their desire to have an impact on getting their clients out of pain.

What I get to witness over and over again is the clarity that comes with writing and speaking. That clarity is a Currency that attracts, draws in new tribe members, and ultimacy translates into income (Currency).

One of my clients was a well-established speaker known for her passion and vision to support women around financial literacy. Wonderful work. After a few well-crafted presentations, I was left feeling like, what’s being hidden here? What’s a deeper level to her story that gets past the nice girl image, and where is the fire that motivates this woman to work this hard?

You see, I watch many women try to clock their anger, their fierceness. It’s part of the ‘playing safe’ aspect, not being told to “calm down; you are causing too much disturbance,” and not getting locked up for our rage against oppression.

The issue with that is it also eats away at us. It eats up our joy, our light, our passion. Fear does this. My request to my client was to go deeper into some specific things she mentioned in her presentation. What she did was glide over the depth of the pain her story was still having on how she showed up. With a few well-placed questions, she was able to own this story as a powerful and life-changing experience.

At the next presentation, her Currency shifted. Her frequency was one of declared power; her light was seeping from her pores. What she was trying to hide became her superpower.

What are you hiding from yourself that is cloaking your brightness?

You see, being a great speaker is an inside job. Once you tap into your authentic voice by listening to your intuition, your gut, your voice will reach those you’re calling in. Listen to your inner voice, follow your heart, then work with your mind to add a little structure to your presentation = Currency.

Your Currency is YOU. Your energy, vibration, and confidence are the connection that changes lives.

My joy comes when I get to watch all these Speakers step on stage to be visible and heard and build a life they love. Because they are willing to be BADASS courageous leaders taking a stand for their clients by learning a craft that connects them authentically, their business and lives expand into Full Spectrum Wealth.

Are you interested in deep joy and living your best life? Are you interested in sharing your genius and changing lives? Yes, then let’s talk.

Brenda R Bryan
Speakers Coach, Storyteller, Diviner of Human Potential

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