Sucking the Marrow out of Life by Brenda R. Bryan

What a life I GET to live. How many days a week do you wake up and say, “I love my life”?

I wake up daily in gratitude for the life I am creating by design. That’s right, BY DESIGN.

One day, I realized that, in the course of my life, I would face many challenges that could sap my joy if I allowed them. Fortunately, I have taken on many jobs and tasks that taught me where to look for what feeds me and what is worth my time and precious life energy. That is one of the principles from DreamBuilders—that Spirit speaks to us through our longing and discontent.

Many years have passed since I decided to be in charge of curating my life. This transition began with my college education and the many benefits of being creative with a degree in communications. I considered every opportunity through the lens of ‘How does this help me?’. Will I grow from this? Are the skills and tools I use going to advance my mission?

What mission was that? I wanted to be a change agent. I wanted my life as a lesbian and political activist to have meaning. I grew up as an outliner, struggling to find my place, where I belonged. I was not going down the designated traditional role for women, so what would I do? I decided to take charge and created a vision for who I would BE. I wanted to believe that my creativity, intelligence, and life experience would lead to my strengths, contributing to the advancement of others and my life. I knew other women who wanted to live life on their terms. (Is that YOU? )

So, what about you? Have you been sucking the marrow out of life? Or have you been going along with who someone told you to be? Have you decided on a life that’s safe but not fulfilling?

Are you playing it safe at the cost of your soul?

What if you could have it all, the life you love and the fulfillment you are longing for? Would that interest you?

In 2010, I had kidney surgery. I had just received the biopsy report for my tumorous kidney, and it confirmed that it was malignant. Had it not been discovered, I was on the road to an excruciating illness. It was a wake-up call.

I had become complacent; I had been struggling with my partner to create some kind of change. We were living a good life but were both unhappy and stuck. There is nothing like a health scare to wake you up. When I heard the results, I declared I would not waste this precious life. I was going to dream up my new life. At that moment, I knew I was being called to show up differently. I needed to choose. Would I live with one foot in the grave or both feet planted in a life I love? I felt guidance from a vision I had at Vision Quest Camp. In my vision, Spirit told me to surrender, sell everything, and go solo. I took action to create a plan. I was not sure what I was going to do. However, I had years of credentials as a Transformational Coach, so I started there and moved to Portland to reboot my coaching career.

Fast forward … I restarted my coaching practice and, after several years of hiring other coaches for business guidance, realized my decisions came from a fear and struggle mindset. I was so out of alignment with ease and flow that I kept burning out my adrenals. I wanted to live differently than this headspace. I completely believed that building your dream required struggle. Struggle was how I proved I was working, was dedicated to the hard work, and showed my worth.

I know it’s like ass-backward!

On a Spiritual level, life should be easy, joyous, and life-giving. On the human plane, we hear how it’s hard and that we must suffer, but that’s not the truth of who we are. Yes, we will face challenges, but life is not being done TO us; it is being done FOR us.

Mary Morrissey says, “The circumstances of our life are the curriculum of our evolution.” With this in mind, we elevate our thinking and evolution by choosing our dreams. We decide how we come from the dream by generating the qualities of what we love.

Your joy, your light, your ease, and your grace all tap into what it takes to suck the marrow out of life.

What I love about my life is the Spiritual practices that rewire my nervous system. For the first time in 60-some years, I was not so wired for fear that all I hear is nails scratching the chalkboard again. With my newfound tools, I have discovered I can come from my dreams most days. Every day, I decide on a life I love. I choose my feelings, the aliveness. Some days are more challenging than others; however, I endeavor to come from my vision in the best way possible every day.

What I have come to respect about this work is the fantastic results that can be achieved by “Deciding on your Dream.” Then, with each breath, you choose again and again. I love that I get to choose the inspired action I take no matter how dire the situation. I have learned that every problem is presented with the solution being part of it.

I up-leveled my desire for greater aliveness by shifting away from a mindset of fear and struggle. I had asked for guidance, and it came through the voice of Spirit talking to me. It had been working to get my attention way before the tumor, but I could no longer be afraid. Yes, I had become complacent about my most precious asset, my life.

What about you? Have you accepted the good, giving up on the great? It is said that the biggest enemy of Great is Good.

Have you accepted good as your complacency? I hope not. Life is rich with new opportunities, new experiences, and new ways to live in your body with vitality and aliveness.

Where have you decided that good is good enough?

As a Transformational DreamBuilders coach, I encourage others to “suck the marrow out of life.” Now is the time for you to choose you, to choose to listen to that small voice that wants to be heard. With the proven, reliable, and repeatable tools of DreamBuilders, you take charge, rewrite your programming, and create a life you will wake up to every day and say, “I Love My Life.”

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