No More Excuses by Brenda R. Bryan

Have you ever felt like life was working against you? That what you want is never going to happen? This kind of thinking gets in the way of you living your purpose and joy.

You know you have a longing and that there is more. You are meant for more. You look around and believe that your circumstances control what you get to do or have.

This dear sister, is the way the systems of oppression operate. They are brainwashing you daily to not believe in yourself or your dreams.

What if I told you that’s all bull shit? You have contained within you the ability and power to live your dreams full out.

What!? Yes, you can live your best life beyond your wildest dreams.

I have been preaching about the power within us for years. Yes, preaching. I know it’s like a thing I am working on. However, any of you that have heard me speak have felt my passion for women owning their power.

At the end of 2019, I hit a wall. That wall was impacting my thinking, mindset, and results. My work with the Hendricks Institute taught me that “results equal unconscious intentions.” After all the years I had been working with my transformational tools, I was stuck.

I was so angry and in pain that I could not get the results I was working for.

Has that ever happened to you?

You work and work and try all the things, but the results remain the same.

Let me tell you, I know that pain deeply.

I looked around at what others were doing – their skills, their life experience – and found myself totally confused. What was fueling their success while mine was limping along? They were not more experienced than I was. They were not necessarily more intelligent. They could not be working any harder, for I absolutely applied myself. But zip, zero, nothing was going according to my business plan. (Which, by now, I was calling Frictional Writing.) 

I put so much energy into building my business but kept falling into the same old money blueprint. Rise a little, fall back, rise and fall back. I was climbing the slippery slope of my mindset but had no idea what I needed to do differently. Well shit, I could not keep doing the same thing over and over again. Is that not the definition of insanity?

Many of you know I always call on Spirit for directions. At that moment, I yelled out loud, “Show me what I am to do next!”. Bingo! In my email was a reminder from Dream Builders Live that I had 2 FREE tickets. In 2014, I signed up for a home study Mary Morrissey course; with it, I had these two tickets to Dream Builder Live. I received an email that day reminding me I still had those tickets. Still, I held back, creating a story of why I could not afford this. It was the plane ticket, the hotel reservations, all the why no, not yet. My paradigms were winning over my soul’s calling. Then, in 2020, COVID changed everything, and the Life Solutions Institute went online. They pivoted to meet the world’s changing needs.

No more excuses! I was in. I could use my tickets, play from home, and see what this was all about. 

I went to my first Dream Builders virtual event in May 2020. It was so great! I was learning so much, and when the time to sign up for more support, my paradigm took over again. I left that event thinking I had what I needed and planned to step back into practicing the tools on my own. However, it was not easy to shift the mindset at all. I was having trouble going it alone.

Then, in July, Mary Morrisey’s team contacted me again, inviting me to do the Brave Thinking Institute Mastermind. This time I said YES, even though I was scared, shaking, and uncertain of how I would make the down payment let alone the monthly investment. But shit, I was sinking; I needed the environment that the Brave Thinking Institute provided. I was in. 

At that moment, it was clear that I was on the right path. Spirit had answered my prayer. As I dug into the studies and the awareness, I was thrilled to find what I was missing from my consciousness. It had been floating around me for a very long time. This time I knew I was going to transform. 

Using the tools daily, reading, showing up, questioning, and following Mary’s guidance, I am finally creating the shifts I have been working toward. I am generating my life from my vision and following my intuition to take the next action. What can I do with what I have and from where I am? How can I take action on that?

Why am I telling you all this? I love, love, love what I have been doing to live in my passion. If I don’t get the yes I am looking for, I stay curious. How about you? Are you curious? Could you be working less and bringing in twice the amount as before? Are you wondering about your health and well-being? Do you want deeper connections in relationships? Are you following your vocation, doing what you’re passionate about? Do you have the time, money, and freedom you seek?

What are you willing to do next to invest in your best life? 

I am delighted to say I can now deliver Vision Workshops as a Certified Dream Builders Coach for the Life Solutions Institute!

I am over the moon delighted to deepen my comment to empowerment with road-tested, life-transforming work with a proven track record of over 40 years.

Everything I do and will do now is informed by my Brave Thinking training. Every step I have been taking since saying my “Yes” back in July of 2020 is paying off. I am calmer, sleeping better, I play more. My community of friends, family, and power associates continues to grow. I am attracting wonderful clients; lives are changing (both theirs and mine). My vision for what I would love is happening. 

As I stay tapped into my passion, taking inspired action, I am connecting to the source of the Infinite. WOW, talk about working with Spirit! There is a breath that is breathing through me and you too.

Would you like to know more about this work I am doing now?

Would you love to create a dream worthy of your life?

Yes? Then come to my Vision Workshops or connect to a strategy session.

Life awaits you to live fully, happy, abundant, and connected.

Let’s not wait another day to change your outcomes. Book a strategy session, and create a plan of action you would love.

If not now, then when? Please don’t do what I did for too long. I let my limited thinking control my results. Not anymore. What about you? Are you tired of living in your discontent?

You are the source of the results you seek. I would love to support you in reaching your dreams.

Let’s get started. I am gifting you a 60-minute Strategy Session. Your fast action here will change your life.

I am so frigging excited about what can happen for you. Let’s get this party started.


Brenda R Bryan

Diviner Of Human Potential

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