Nature Nurtures by Brenda R. Bryan

Nature Nurtures

Step out of your house, apartment, workstation, your clothes closet. 

Step into the great outdoors, the neighborhood, the park, the nature reserve. 

Step into nature, flowing fresh air, sunlight, wind, breezes flowing through your cells. 

Let the sound of water excite you, connect you to life itself. We are all part of the cycle of life.  All the elements are part of you, working for you, needed by you, to stay healthy in body, mind, and Spirit. 

Over the last few months, I have been spending way too much time hooked up to my electronic equipment. Sometimes I have all four of my systems in play, my phone, my iPod, my computer, and my TV. Dear Goddess, I am frying my brain! 

I have been busy creating lots of new things, thinking up ways I can deliver a greater level of quality and quantity of service. Great, right?  No, not really. It would be if I took the time to fill up my reservoir.  It would be if I took the time to get fed, nurtured, connected to what keeps me tapped into my higher authority. 

How many times have you used your will to push past and through a project to get it done and, once done, you still did not step outside and take a breath, reset for the next move?


Here’s what I receive from my time in nature…

  • I get quiet. My body’s nervous system slows down. My energy field smooths out. All the ragged edges that keep me in a hyper mood begin to settle down. 
  • I can feel my senses begin to tune in to my surroundings. The smells…I feel like I can taste the colors, see the aura of the trees. I hear the river speaking to me. 
  • I miss the river, how it feels like my body belongs to it. I want to sit in the middle and hear its song. I know there is a message there for me. 
  • I can feel the pressure on my temples from overthinking begin to release. I can feel space to breathe deeper, spread out my aura, take up and take in that which is all around me. 
  • I can once again feel the rich abundance of connectedness, grounded by Mother Earth, fed by all the free elements that I am part of.


My soul is crying out to me… Get out of the house! Find a place to breathe. Breathe in the connection. Breathe in the present moment, all that is happening right before me. 


We sit on Mother Earth too often as a given. Too often not recognizing what it is to our very existence to walk on this Earth. We take for granted that we will have it tomorrow. But after all that the pandemic has offered up, we cannot remove ourselves from the connection. We have the ability to be aware and connect.  Stay aware of your soul speaking to you.  We get to live a more vibrant connected life, it’s our choice. 


Here is a list of what getting outside can do for you:

  1. Better sleep (Especially if you get out in the early light of the day. Early morning sunlight sets in motion the cortisol levels needed for sleep.).
  2. Vitamin D from the sun is a necessary part of mood control.
  3. Getting a 20-minute walk helps with keeping your energy up when you find yourself slumping. The benefits of a 20-minute walk last 6 hours, a piece of chocolate only 3 hours.
  4. Fresh air is good for the lungs and the blood which feeds the brain and lifts brain fog. 
  5. Getting into nature opens your perspective. You begin to see with greater range, width, and possibility. 
  6. The air will cleanse your aura. I like the wind from the sea, the best for this, but I take what’s availed. This is why I walk by rivers, they move airflow. 
  7. Going into a forest, you can get a forest shower. All the fresh air getting created by the trees and leaves feel so good to the lungs. 
  8. Walking or exercising outdoors gets the blood flowing, releasing more toxins from the body and strengthening the immune system. 

There are hundreds of other reasons to get outside, be in nature. Find some time and see how it makes you feel. What about nature can nurture and feed you?

As many of you know, last year I introduced the Wild Women and Magic Retreat. My sisters and I are building a community and I would love to have you join us as we create drum circles, do ritual, and change our lives. 

On May 20 – 22, 2022 we are hosting a small gathering to rejuvenate and replenish in nature. We will spend time in circle, be outside doing ritual, share our gifts and create a loving, healing space for us to grow. 

If you’re interested in knowing more send me an email. I will reach out with more details.

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