What does it mean to claim your sovereignty? by Brenda R. Bryan

I love the feeling of my independence, the freedom to choose who I want to be, who I am on my terms. 

I should say I love the illusion of it all. 

Oh, why do I say it’s an illusion?

Historically there are lots of reasons. Women have been systemically excluded from having control over our own bodies, our livelihood, our very lives, the right to choose who we want to be. 

For thousands of years we been told that our lives don’t matter.

Now you might say, Oh, that’s not happening any more. Gosh, I wish that was true. 

So, let me ask you this? What are you worth? Yes, what are you worth? 

Because it’s at the heart of our self-esteem and the desire to claim our sovereignty is a claiming of who we truly are so we claim our value, claim our worth.

I often look to the dictionary when writing, working to create explanations or dig deeper into the meaning of things.

As I am writing this I want to scream out loud with so much anger it would shatter glass. I want to penetrate a destructive structure that has us living in deep poverty, slaves to fear, slaves to systemic oppression. The majority of women have no idea of this system let alone it’s impact on who they get to BE for themselves.

Its not that they don’t feel it because we do, but the constant efforts made to remind us that we are not enough have become so common place so subliminal we don’t even know we surrendered our sovereignty. 

How can you identify with something you never really had?

Here the thing your soul knows. Our Soul knows we are intended for more whether given permission to claim it or not we are called to a greater purpose. We long for a way to express aspects of who we are because we must. It’s the nature of life, to want more.  To want your place, to want something more. 

When I speak to women in groups, networking gatherings or masterminds it a consistent theme. I thought I was the only one. I was afraid to share that I thought. I didn’t want you thinking less of me. We been told so often to follow the rules that we have not claimed being the designer of the rules.  Creating our own rules can be a really big thing. It’s a radical act of sovereignty.

Sovereignty means – supreme power or authority.

Only you have the supreme authority to follow you souls’ purpose. Only you can have the courage to speak up for yourself. Only you can say Yes to the life you’re longing for. 

Claiming your sovereignty, claim your rights, claim your voice. 

What comes with this stepping up this way?

You become deeply awareness of the power you hold to take charge of what matters to you. You stand to be the authority of your own life. You take charge of the influence you want to create. You are the designer of your precious important life. You are the authority of you and claiming your sovereignty is a spiritual act of following your souls yearning. 

What does it mean to claim your sovereignty?

Only you know for sure. Are you ready to try out what claiming that authority can mean to you? 

I hope you do. The world needs more women raising their voice , claim their authority and changing the world. 

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