Journey of Becoming by Brenda R. Bryan

What does the journey of becoming look like? It’s different for each individual, but certain things are constant.

We, as humans, are on the green growing edge. Suppose we choose to live in awareness of our longings and discontent. We are either pushed by pain or pulled by desire, sometime within the same breath.

Every individual has a call that comes from deep within. It’s your soul/purpose speaking to you to become the best you, the truth of YOU. This calling becomes your opening to what aligns you with the infinite. It fulfills that part of you that makes the world better simply by living your truth.

Now, who is the truth of you? Have you ever asked yourself this? Have you ever said, “I know I was born to live my destiny? Who am I as the truth of me?”

We are all born to be more than any of us has stretched into yet.

Max Maxwell says we can not outperform our self-image. What is your belief in yourself? When you dig into the truth of yourself, what do you stand for, and how do you live to that truth?

We have a lot of conditioning that informs our self-image. Everything from other people’s opinions, other people’s pain, and other people’s limited beliefs play into this.

What will it take for you to stand for your truth? What will push you to take ownership of your gifts, genius, beauty, and talents? Your worth still needs to be addressed.

Yep, you have come a long way, but look out, you have so much you have yet to claim.

How much have you held back to stay safe, not outshine, and not upset the apple cart? You know all the ways pain keeps us playing small.

What if every experience you’re having is to aid you in your becoming?

I will support you to become stronger, more adaptable, more able to dance, stay longer, and rise higher. What if you say life is happening FOR you, not TO you? How will you use that to create your life?

We all do it in so many forms that we may not know the habits and beliefs that belong to someone else. What does YOUR journey of becoming look like?

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