Tapping into the Divine Feminine by Brenda R. Bryan

What does Tapping into the Divine Feminine mean?

When I think of the Divine Feminine, I sink into what feels like a soft, curvy, beautiful, smart, connection to nature, the Earth Mother. I see hues of green and blues and all the rainbow. It is the web of connectivity, guiding my intuition, my senses to what 
I feel is spirit calling me, talking me, I’m guiding me. My intuition is a force within that me that knows my souls’ journey and is a beacon for me to follow.

The Divine Feminine is a sacred spiritual energy that’s believed to exist within all of us. The Divine Feminine is about embracing and finding strength in our own softness. It challenges society’s idea of what it means to be empowered.

The Divine Feminine is our consciousness that connects us to qualities like intuition, feeling, nurturing, receptivity and interconnectedness. It’s everyone’s energy to access and tap into. This Divine Feminine is connected with the body, with nature, and with the cycles of creation and transformation. It is generally understood and felt through the subtle intuitive wisdom of the body. You can think of tapping into divine feminine energy as embracing your inner Goddess.

The notion of tapping into our intuition has been laughed at by our patriarchal society, scoffing at the idea that we are divinely guided. Divine Feminine energy is about uplifting that which has been denigrated in our society.

What I truly love about this is that it is about questioning, rebuking, reclaiming, and transmuting the oppressive hierarchies that have shaped our experiences. It’s about taking all of our humanity and including us in the creation of balance and abundance for us all. It is about healing inequality by embracing the Divine Feminine within each of us. It’s not gender-specific. We all have both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within us. When we tap into these spiritual qualities, we are tapped into a vast universe of possibilities. We all have a polarity within us – that of the masculine (active/force) and the feminine (receptive/form) and we experience these through periods of action and periods of rest and integration.

The Divine Feminine is the creative and life-giving energy within all of us. It gives form to that which we care about and put our energy into.

This life-giving energy is not about birthing a child, but birthing new forms of life. It is focused on materializing our passion, our dreams, our values.

We all have this creative ability within us and when we choose to align with it, we, as a society, will heal what has long been an imbalance in the fabric of our lives.

The Divine Feminine is a way of aligning with the vibrant love of the universe and channeling that through your body, into creating, connecting, or loving – and it’s accessible to everyone because, no matter what, we all have a body.

So how do we focus our attention to tap into that spiritual energy that is so innately within us?

We have the ability to be logical and focused, but we must also use our whole body system, which means acknowledging our feelings and intuition as part of our wholeness.

We must connect to our gut, slow down and listen. Follow the small signals that come up and tell us to make that phone call, drive home a different way. Feel the tingles that rise up as our antennae lead us to a creative new solution. We must ask and listen. Setting down programming that is often contradictory to what society would say is the logical way to proceed.

We must be brave, adventurous, and quiet in listening.

We must believe that the Divine moves through us for our highest good. That connecting to our gut feeling is by divine design. We are drawn to collaborate, to help each other, to be strong in our individuality while learning the fine art of embracing self-care and community. We must use the Divine Feminine to forge new forms and cultivate visions that empower. We have built into us the ability to be vulnerable, joyous, and powerful beyond our wildest dreams.

Tapping into the Divine Feminine is the means to allow spirit to breathe through you as you spiral towards your growth.

What a powerful force this is within us! What are you ready to achieve for yourself and society by using this Divine Feminine?

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