Decision, Belonging, and Picking Your Team by Brenda R. Bryan

In recent months, my focus has been on improving my presentations. During this period, I had the privilege of participating in two wonderful events where I spoke on topics that hold deep significance for me. The journey began when I applied to the Day Dreamers Summit, which led me to question my sense of belonging.

I chose to address the theme of “The Truth of You” and the importance of showing up for yourself by embracing both your pain and passion. Reflecting on my years of involvement in the Women’s Movement stirred up some unresolved anger, leaving me pondering, “Where do I truly belong?”

For 16 years, I had been deeply involved with my community in Nova Scotia, but I left it behind, following an intuitive call to seek a different path for creating change. As often happens in my life, I received a message, a sort of “download,” telling me that frontline protesting was insufficient to make the impact I desired. I needed to find an alternative approach.

This raised questions about how I could effectively instigate change and find my way forward. Then, a book titled “Working from The Inside Out” by Sonja Johnson literally fell on my head. It dawned on me that the change needed to start from within, a personal transformation in how I approached my work and my quest for gender equality. After more than 35 years, I realized that I hadn’t truly felt a sense of belonging since leaving my beloved community.

I delved into the narrative I had constructed for myself, recognizing that I had carried a sense of “aloneness” from my childhood. It became clear that building new relationships, actively engaging with the world, and seeking where I belonged was essential. I had an epiphany that I first needed to find a sense of belonging within myself. I also acknowledged that I had the power to challenge and reshape that narrative. Maxwell Maltz’s book, “The Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology,” emphasized that “You cannot outperform your self-image; you must change it from the inside.” This led me to the realization that I wouldn’t truly belong anywhere until I accepted and embraced my own inner light.

When I relocated to Portland, I was in the process of revitalizing my coaching business. I began searching for places to connect, feeling a profound sense of isolation in this new environment as I built my business and network. It was another stage in my spirit-driven adventure, a Shero’s journey, filled with uncertainty, self-doubt, and a determination to construct my next community. I yearned for a place where I could be seen, heard, and accepted for my authentic self.

What captivated me was the discovery of my sense of belonging within a dragon boat team. I’ve always been drawn to water, so when I spotted the dragon boats on the Willamette River, I was eager to give them a try. A friend from Toastmasters introduced me to the Mighty Women Dragon Boat team, and my very first experience on the boat ignited a deep passion within me. I knew I had found a sport I was willing to commit to, even though it was challenging initially as I learned the calls and techniques for optimal performance.

In my first year, I despised the idea of races and competitions, and I felt anxious every time. However, I believed that with dedication and continuous effort during practice, I could overcome these challenges. Health issues temporarily sidelined me on my doctor’s orders, but I was resolute in my commitment to regain my health and contribute to the team’s success. A year of focused healing paid off, and when I returned to the boat, my muscle memory took over, and I began to relish the experience of being part of the team and showcasing my strength.

This process of building muscle memory mirrors the natural progression of the Art of Becoming. When you set your vision and dreams in motion, you’ll inevitably encounter new challenges. Each step toward your dream may initially be uncomfortable, but as you learn and grow, it becomes second nature.

Belonging, for me, involves contributing to the well-being of all aspects of my life, encompassing Health and Well-Being, Relationships, Vocation, and Time-Money Freedom. To truly belong to myself, I had to define my best life and establish a compass that guided my choices. This required focusing on the vision I wished to create.

How about you? Do you have a vision that defines where you belong, whether it’s within yourself, a family, a tribe, or a cause?

Creating a life you love entails several steps:
1. Decide to design a life that aligns with your vision.
2. Show up, participate, learn, grow, explore, and embrace discomfort.
3. Initiate change from within, continually refine your self-image, and choose your dream.
4. Commit daily, living in alignment with your vision as consistently as possible.
5. Dive into what you love, adapt your mindset, and stay attuned to the frequency of your vision.

As a Dream Builders Coach, my work focuses on reprogramming the unconscious mind to produce tangible results in your external world. What results are you aiming to achieve? Is it winning three new medals, increasing your income, or deepening your relationships with loved ones? What are you ready to decide on?

I’d venture to say that most days, you might not even be in the race, unaware of your own power and the potential to transform your self-image through your actions, particularly when they align with your passion.

I employ a proven, reliable, and repeatable system that transforms lives. It’s an exhilarating journey to support heart-centered women in living their best lives. Are you prepared to embark on a Shero’s journey to become your best self? Are you ready to make a decision and consistently commit to creating a life filled with ease, enjoyment, and the realization of your dreams? If so, feel free to schedule a session with me, and together, we’ll devise a plan that aligns with the work of your heart.

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