Creating A Dream by Brenda R. Bryan

Creating A Dream

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”  -Henry Ford 

How often have you wanted to do something and you talk yourself out of it?

Or, you told a friend or family member made a derogatory remark and that dream went into hiding?

You, dear one, you are meant to dream, have dreams, live your dreams.

What often happens is that others get in our heads. They impact our own ability to decide for ourselves. That is essentially a STOP sign. Your dream needs life brought into it, not resistance. You, dear one, carry the ability to change lives. Your dream matters. Your burning desire matters.

A Dream is not like a fantasy, something we wish would happen, like when you finally win the lottery or someone gives you the keys to your dream house.

A Dream worth pursuing will demand everything from you.

It is a deep burning desire that requires getting fed. You are holding that dream above all else. Every day you put energy into the dream. You come from the vision of living the life you love. You see it, feel it, sense it, place it in your life. You write out your vision, stepping into specific details. The more specific the better.

You wire the right and left brain together with the memory of your vision. Memory works in both directions; we can have a memory from the past or a memory from the future. The mind knows no difference. So, when we live in the vision as if it is happening right now, the energy is getting sent out to the modules in place for the next step to happen.

The universe starts listening, lines up the next step, gives you another piece of the puzzle. 

As we stand in the vision, we take ACTION. What can you do with what you have right now? It could be a 2-minute action or 20-minute or hours, but taking action is what’s required.

The resource to create your dream already exists within, otherwise it would not have appeared in your life.

What happens for most is two things… 

1. They think they’re already doing it and that they need to know more of the HOW. However, there is a different awareness when we recognize that life is breathing through us and when we follow the infinite breathing through us, new things happen. We expand more consciously into our green growing edge. Dreams come alive though us listening to our intuition and guidance. 

2. The How. We seem to believe if don’t have it all figured out we should not even start. Here’s the thing, if you knew how, the dream is too small, and if you knew how, you would not be allowing the ever-expansive infinite to support the creation of this dream. 

What you have been given with your intuition, your guidance system, is the ability to listen to your higher power. The next step will be made known as you take the step from where you’re at with what you have. 

Let me share this story with you. As some of you know, I recently published my first poetry book, Inward and Beyond- Transformation is a Conscious Choice. It was not my intent when I started writing these poems to publish. I simply wanted to find a way to express my pain and put a voice to the journey that broke me apart. 

I was told by Spirit to write the poems, whether starter lines or complete poems. As the body of work started to unfold, I was inspired to share with a few people, giving me a way to release my pain and my story. Then came a noticing; I am meant to share this work. I had no idea how to do this. I found a few sisters to edit the work. I focused on which poems created the story I was telling. 

One of the editors took all the work and organized it to make sense to the reader. I didn’t know how to do the layout and how I was going to pay for all this. Then divine intervention happened. I was having a long-overdue lunch with a dear friend and told her what I was working on. She invited me to send her a few poems. I was delighted when she came back to me with WOW, WOW you’re a word whisper! This book needs to get published. I will work with you to get it done. She worked her ass off to get the book in my hands for my 70th Birthday/ Book Launch. 

As I went through this process, the main focus was: I wanted to have fun creating and doing what I could with what I had. I had the photos I took, the poems I had written, and the vision of what I wanted this book to be. And I listened to the guidance as it came in. 

There were lots of challenges. All of which I believed made me stronger and even more determined to see it through. Not the least was where did the money come from and, in putting this book out, I was telling the world my shadow side, the raw side. As a Transformational Coach, I knew the next step in this vision. I knew the journey of going through the pain, the shadow to heal and stand in the light. Rewards were afoot still waiting to be claimed. 

The challenges that lay before in you creating your DREAM center around recognition. Recognition that you are staying present for what you love while acknowledging what you already have as you push up against your growing edge.

The prize at the end is how you will have grown to meet the dream and how what you’re doing will change the lives of those your dream is serving. 

As a recap: 

    • Write out your vision.
    • Live into the dream, repeating your vision a minimum of 1–3 times each day.
    • Remember that The Infinite is breathing through you. 
    • You are not doing it alone. 
    • Come FROM the vision: Be as specific as possible with the images, feeling, senses. 
    • Remember to have fun.

There is lots of documentation supporting the idea that when we have support, we achieve more. My life is about getting and receiving support. The passion I live from is about creating experiences and circles that change lives.

My Badass Warriors Circle Mastermind is all about building dreams. 

My invitation to you is you find the support to live in your passion. 

Live the Dream, Change the world. 

Dreams do come true when we act on them. 

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