Build Your Dream by Brenda R. Bryan

Do you want to bring JOY, VITALITY, and ALIVENESS to your life?

Setting out into 2022- Let’s create a dream that every day you plant your feet on the floor and get INTO ACTION.

Why? Because you LOVE what you are doing. You LOVE who you are being.

This is a life worth working for. 

Can you imagine totally living from what you love? 

Imagine the possibility that exists within you, as you step fully into claiming your unique dream.

You, as a spiritual being, have the potential to create this dream…otherwise, you would not have been given your unique life!

Imagine knowing there is a solution and that you have that solution because you know how to live in the land of solutions.

Yes, it will have its challenges but you will meet those challenges from an attitude of possibility, potential, and solution. 

But how do you Build A Dream if you don’t know what you want? What if you think, “I am not worthy of such a big dream”, or “I am afraid I will lose my family, community, friends, if I claim this dream”?

All these internal messages are trying to keep you safe. However, they are programs you no longer need to keep you safe. They are paradigms that, once you begin to notice them, you can change. 

So how do you start to Build Your Dream?

1. Learn to visualize your Dream, giving it feelings, color, texture, that tingle in your body. Specific details that bring it to life. Every time you think of it and keep that intention going every day. 

2. Write your Dream out. That’s right, give it concrete form by writing it, and creating a vision you will tap into daily. 

3.  Speak your Dream as to embody it while drawing in the frequency coming from already having achieved it. 

Are you ready to transform your life? 

Are you ready to do what you love and succeed at what you love? 

2022 is the year to Build Your Dream. 

You can do this!


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