3 Keys to Rock Your Keynote by Brenda R. Bryan

I am curious, what message are you sending out to reach your best clients?

After years of learning the craft of public speaking, I wanted to figure out how I could optimize it for the building of my business.

The first thing I heard was that I needed to narrow my focus.

Instead of the shotgun effect, scattered energy going everywhere hoping for a hit, I needed to look at the value of a singular focus. I needed to reach my ideal client with a message that spoke to them.

But what about all those people I could be serving? Am I limiting my potential?

Well, that’s the issue, isn’t it? It’s the difference between scattering your energy, time, and money all over the place versus the impact of a single, focused approach.

One Focus: Public Speaking

One Focus: Your Badass Keynote

You see, I was trying all kinds of different speeches hoping it would land on someone. In truth, it was mostly just confusing the very women I was trying to connect with.

What to do? What do I need to do differently? What if my clarity, my one lane, was all I needed to achieve the results I seek? Wouldn’t that be something?!

Yes, it was something! This focused attention on picking a lane and developing it started to work.

My one signature talk, with a structure that answered my ideal clients’ questions, started the ball rolling. This showed me the power behind devoting my attention to a focused presentation.

I did not need to leave out anything that was important to me because I saw the impact of a message I could embody. I was speaking a message that had many parts but had a singular intent: to reach my ideal clients, my tribe.

Now, I know you’re like, but what about me getting bored with what am I saying? Or, what about all those blogs, Facebook posts, and videos I want to do? Well, that’s the great part of doing it this way! All the material you gather, the writing you do to get your presentation done, is material you can break down and use as needed for posts or other outreach. It also creates a focused intention, building greater clarity while resulting in polished ease when you deliver your impactful message.

What If you could use a proven structure that supports you to make more money, attract more clients, and have a greater impact because you are now speaking to those you are meant to serve?

Your voice matters to the world right now. Your genius and gifts are needed right now.

Where could you be achieving the results you are aiming for?

Speaking is a growing industry. It is allowing more people to reach their market in less time. Your one message will change how you do business.

It is not your website or your Facebook post, but your ability to influence with your well-crafted talk that will build your business the fastest and with the greatest effect.

Showing up with authenticity, and vulnerability, and delivering an embodied message will change the lives of those you’re meant to serve.

It is so much fun to engage with an audience when you are there to serve! It brings aliveness to your purpose when you are able to ease the pain of your people who are hungry for answers. They want to know who they can “Know, Like, and Trust”. Is that you?

Are you ready to be so engaged with your offer that you lean into serving rather than selling?

You see, when you follow your passion, when you know your why so deeply it comes across with every word you deliver, your clients will want to hear what you can do for them. Have you ever made a presentation but held back on the offer, afraid to offend them? Meanwhile, your people are still sitting with no solution, the one you were there to offer?

This opportunity to develop your keynote will support your confidence. It will support your voice, your genius, your gifts, and your passion.

Your story will be told to engage and connect. It will point your listeners down the road of turning their pain into results. You will show them a way to get their needs met by working with you.

You will discover the ROI on your investment of time and money, and will be able to focus on using your message to reach your ideal clients.

This is the fastest and easiest way to build your business and create impact, influence, and income.

I invite you to step out of the shadows playing small. Stop being afraid. Step into the light to be seen, to be heard. Change lives by Raising Your Voice.
Step into these 2 days where YOU, your uniqueness, will find your voice, your clarity, and your message. Change your life and all those you want to serve. Step into developing, writing, and delivering your Rocking Keynote.

Never before in our history have we been so positioned to show and deliver our most unique selves. So let’s start here with support, structure, and fun!

Date: Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th, 2022
Time: 9:30 to 5:30 on both days
Location: TBA (Portland Metro Area)
Investment: $347.00

Link: http://rock-your-keynote.eventbrite.com

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