Visualizing Your Dream by Brenda R. Bryan

I am not sure when I knew I had the power to create the life I love. However, very early in life, I knew I had to choose what was right for me, no matter what others thought.

That meant choosing not to get married, choosing to be creative, and choosing my heart’s desire first. I chose the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design because I knew I would not fit in any box that kept my creative needs in check. Talk about an education that served! I learned I was capable of what I could dream up and take action around. I followed my heart with all my choices. I knew I would be defined by the value I brought to the lessons I was learning.

I planted the seed of creativity and self-expression as a passion through which I live my life.

If you were going to plant a vital seed, do you know what your first step would be? It would be to till the soil so the seed can take root. And guess what? That’s how success works! First, you prepare for it, and then you expect it.

The first key to success is shifting from a life of “default” to a life of “design”. Success is something that must be planned. But most people spend more time planning a weekend trip than planning the rest of their lives. And then they wonder why success eludes them!

To create your dream life, you must clearly understand the design you’d love to make. (Rather than just going along by default.) And that’s what we will do together at the upcoming Vision Workshop!

So, let’s till the soil and prepare you to let your dreams take root and grow big and strong in the world.

Here are some questions for you to contemplate. Create some time to journal on them before you attend the workshop. (It’s not mandatory, just recommended.)

What would your best life look like?

• What are you frustrated with in your life right now?

• What is it costing you not to have your dream? (stress, unhappiness, discouragement, etc.)

• What do you need to learn, be or have to live your dream?

• Are you willing to invest in yourself to have your best life?

Once you have journaled about these and listened inwardly to your heart, remember to bring that journal to the workshop.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to success!

In Celebration of Your Dreams,
Brenda R Bryan

P.S. Feel free to invite your friends and those you care about to this workshop. Having a group of people around you who understand these success principles is a powerful dream-building strategy. Forward your friends this link:

You can even place quotations!

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