The mission of the Speaker’s Club is to support you in building your confidence and developing your authentic voice. Speaking is a craft that requires using your voice to be heard. What most people don’t realize is that speaking involves your whole self – it requires you to invest in owning your stories.

We all have important moments where we make a choice: we turn a corner, become aware of a talent we have, develop a skill, increase our awareness that develops through our experiences. These all have value when inserted in the right presentation for the right reason.

The journey of showing up and sharing your true self can be one of the most rewarding journeys to take – a hero’s journey. I am offering the safe space to explore the depths of who you can be while engage in techniques, tools, skills, and community that builds your ability to connect to those whom you will serve.  A community of people, equally-committed to practicing the art of speaking in a caring atmosphere that develops your ability to risk going big.

Here what we are working toward:

  • Stories: our stories, the stories that inform our lives and that contribute to the delivery of effective presentations.
  • Mastering tools and techniques for building confidence with public speaking
  • A community of people you can take a risk with, grow with, learn with, and develop the muscles to raise your voice
  • A journey, not a destination: becoming an effective speaker takes time, being invested in the skills and the application of those skills, receiving supportive feedback from trusted sources – namely your community of speakers
  • Learn what it means to be vulnerable and bulletproof as a speaker
  • Speaker tricks: dealing with stage fright, nerves, getting the audience on your side and so much more
  • Learn to read and lead a room
  • Room set-up: all the fine points of staying in charge to get your best results
  • Guest speakers: who has expertise in areas like storytelling, humor, improv, stage management, working with video, etc.

Ongoing Continuiouse Enrollment

There is always a spot at the table for you. 

What to Do {Speakers Guide}

by Brenda Bryan: Inspirational Speaker and Founder of Raise Your Voice – Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Powerful. Speakers Club

Speaker Club Specifics:

Level 1

Speaking Fundamentals: 4 Weekly Club Meetings

Week 1: Getting Personal: Tell YOUR Story
Week 2: Survival Guide for Speakers & Speaking Practice
Week 3: Guest Presenters and Club Speakers
Week 4: Leadership Skills and Facilitation Club Speakers

Weeks 1,2 & 4 – sixty minutes online meetings, week 3 – ninety minute in person meeting.

Facebook Membership
Ask Questions, Get Answers Anytime, Partnership, Community

Guest Presenters
Delivering Valuable Content on Various Aspects of Speakers Skills

The time will be structured to support you to become a facilitator and effective communicator while enhancing your leadership skills.

2 Presentation Review Sessions
Monthly Online Q&A

LEVEL 1 VALUED AT: $9600.00

Your Cost
YOUR 6 MONTH INVESTMENT when paid in full: $1782.00
OR MONTHLY PLAN: $287.00/mon + $500.00/deposit

Level 2

Deep Dive Into Speaking
ALL OF LEVEL 1 + 2 Private Coaching Session per Month

2 Day Speakers Retreat – Value $2500.00

LEVEL 2 VALUED AT: $13,282.00

YOUR 6 MONTH INVESTMENT when paid in full: $4182.00
OR MONTHLY PLAN: $529.00/mon + $1000.00/deposit


Private Call to Set up Structure and Intentions

2 – ½ Day Presentation Work Times
1 Follow Up Session —
Review the Result from Delivering Your Presentation

VIP VALUED AT: $5995.00

YOUR INVESTMENT when paid in full: $2997.00
OR TWO PAYMENTS: $1347.00/mon + $500.00/deposit

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