Brenda Empowers Women To Claim Their Voice

Brenda works with women entrepreneurs to help them live in their genius. Teaching through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and stages around the country, she demonstrates authentic, warm-hearted humor with a deep wealth of knowledge of how important communication is to feminine power.
As a speaker, she has an amazing ability to connect and relate to what the audience needs in the present moment. She uses her improvisation skills, and extended experience facilitating workshops, to make an audience feel seen, heard, and inspired.
Her communications-focused career has included work in conflict resolution, emotional therapy work, meeting facilitation, community and political activism, and the healing arts.
Now Brenda brings her deep expertise of communication to the spiritual aspects of personal transformation to help women business owners see how they have the power within themselves to make change and ask for what they want.

Hire Brenda To Speak About Communication and Self-Love

Brenda is available as an inspirational speaker and consultant on the topics of Claiming Your Worth, Conscious Communication, Stress Management, and Business Optimism.
Claiming Your Worth:
Brenda knows that the most prosperous business owners are the ones that know how to ask for the money and value that they desire. But first, they must have the true belief that they deserve it. In this eye-opening discussion, Brenda talks about how to claim your worth by practicing radical self-love and nurturing of the soul to get the kind of success you’ve always imagined for you and your business.
Conscious Leadership and Communications:
You can’t reach your highest and most ambitious goals without learning to be an effective communicator.  In this talk, Brenda shows us how Consciousness Communication paves the pathway to strong leadership, effective people management, and thriving as an entrepreneur. Get applicable techniques to deliver your message and get enhanced trust, harmony, and improved productivity for you and your team.
MBA Of Stress Management:
We’ve all experienced stress, but most of us don’t know that stress can actually be a creative force for change!  Brenda gives her audience 3 powerful tools for reframing stress. She teaches how to tap into that creative force by introducing new ways to create positive change in your life.  These unique strategies will help you feel calm and in control so you can manage all the demands of your life.
What Would An Optimist Do:
In this presentation, Brenda guides you in protecting your most valuable asset in your business  – YOU. She’ll show you three steps to nurture your soul and your business. Change your experience with these techniques to keeping yourself and your business aligned with your strengths and your highest purpose. You’ll be able to balance nurturing both yourself AND your business, to bring more happiness and success to both.
Contact Brenda at 503 728 8700, or visit her online to book her for a speaking event.