Are you tired of hitting the glass ceiling, and feeling like your peers are keeping you confined in a box? Do you want to be a badass leader, business owner, or community activist?

Stop playing small and use your feminine superpowers of collaboration, creativity, and intuition to change the world… Learn the five-step path to unapologetically claim your destiny, harness the power of your fiercely feminine intuition, and finally breathe life into your biggest dreams.

“Brenda weaves pictures with her words and she helps you move from introspection and self-appraisal to consideration of what your best life looks like. These insights, dreams, and desires morph from vision to affirmations, to action plan. It’s creating an intentional thoughtful, engaging path to who and how you want to live.”

Workshop Attendee

“Brenda is a passionate sassy, brutally honest badass who inspires you to get the F***out of your own way and Raise Your Voice.”

Christy Clark 
Broken Top Bookkeeping  Inc., Bend OR

We will cover:

  • How to develop your inner guidance (and why you
    really need to start honing it, now).
  • Why curiosity never killed the cat – not the one that
    asks the RIGHT questions at the RIGHT time. Be
    THAT cat.
  • How women are taught to downplay their emotions. At
    the undeniable cost of your deepest dreams, desires,
    and dough.
  • Here’s a completely novel idea: it’s called Telling
    People What You Want. And, there’s some specific
    skills needed for this. If you do it right, it’ll change
    everything for you.
  • Why most plans don’t work, unless they are passionate
    plans (what that means and how to make one).

Event Date:

Saturday, December 8th, 2018, 9:00 – 6:00 pm
Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, LLC
39 NW Louisiana Ave, Bend, OR 97703

Early Bird Specials:

$99.00 till November 1st
November 15th to November 24th $147.00
November 25th to December 1st $247.00

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Raise Your Voice