Raise your Voice: Be Bold, Be Brave and Be Powerful

Badass Women Entrepreneur -Lets Change the world and Attract more Clients
Imagine this: You confidently sharing your story, showing up authentically, attracting
your ideal client and building your business at the same time.
Because guess what you can!
In fact, women entrepreneurs are taking the business world by storm, Lets join this
movement now.
Those who want greater impact and influence are using speaking to achieve just that.
The fastest way to grow your business is by Public Speaking. You can reach more
people faster, more effectively every time you raise your voice to share your passion
and genius. Let’s Be that Bold, Brave, Powerful women you know you are.

During this interactive Masterclass we will explore:
+ How to use your voice to increase your visibility and achieve impact in less time.
+ The key to connecting with your audience and idea client with your personal story
+ The key to developing your confidence, how in showing up in that powerful way you
build your tribe and your business.
+ How to create a roadmap that step by step leads you to your connections, your
impact and your success.

When: August 13th 11:30pm to 1:00 pm
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Hi Brenda here, I been supporting women to Raise their Voice for decades, the Raise
Your Voice Speakers Club is a safe and scared space for women entrepreneurs to
overcome the challenge of becoming visible, claiming their story and building their
confidence while learning the craft of public speaking. My goal is support women in
building their business while living in your purpose, working from their genius and
changing the world.
What Club members are saying about the Raise Your Voice Speakers Club When it comes to public speaking, let’s just say I found it intimidating. When Brenda decided to offer her

Be Bold Be Brave Be Powerful Speakers Club for women only, her promise of providing a place to
explore what I wanted for myself, to exercise my voice, to find my own story and develop a bigger dream
really appealed to me.

Brenda has enabled me to find stories I didn’t even know I had, coached me on how best to present
them, and given me confidence to share my voice much more readily.
Growing as a speaker is an ongoing effort, and with Brenda’s expert coaching, I am finally finding my
voice! – Daria Howell


“It was an extraordinary experience to witness amazing women share their story and their WHY for how
they serve people today! The atmosphere of love and connection bringing these women together is
unforgettable! Brenda’s mission is to give women a voice, train them to tell their story so others will have
hope and courage to do the same!” – Olga Kuzmenko


“The Be Bold Be Brave Be Powerful Speakers Club is an AMAZING GROUP of heart centered women coming together to speak our stories. “An empowered group of women, joining energies to make our voices heard, and make the world a better place.” Come join a sisterhood of support to stand up in front of a group, speak your mind or even speak out

loud. – Deana Morse


“I have been terrified of standing up in front of a group of people and sharing stories, parts of myself that
even some of my close friends may not know about. It seemed as something impossible and
unattainable. But I faced that fear with the loving support of some truly magical women from the Speakers
Club and our magical mentor Brenda Rebecca Bryan.“Shaking, scared as heck, I got up on stage, shared a brief story about my art and my healing journey and self-love. And I survived! I feel so blessed to part of such a nurturing, kind and empowering group.” – Hana Laeh

Other Important Details
Master Class will start promptly at 11:30 PST. Please arrive no later than 11:30 am
PST as a courtesy to other participants and get the most out of the session. In order to
create an interactive and cohesive experience, attendees will not be admitted past
11:35 PST.