We are shifting gears on how we work, Visibility is now through technology, online meetups, webinars, zoom, you tube and many more ways. We will have less time then before to create authentic connection.

How will you make that first 7 to 15 second have the greatest impact.

What will you do to be Known, Liked and Trusted in this shifting landscape.

You’ve been working so hard on your elevator pitch. Following the formula and trying to make it gel. But it still doesn’t feel authentic, or sound compelling, or communicate clearly what you do, or who you are. And you’ve been working on this for how long?

 So frustrating! I get it. You need a different way to come at this challenge, and I’ve got it for you. What you need is an out-of-the-box discovery process that will playfully give you creative access to aspects of yourself you have found hard to reveal.

 You might know your Why, or maybe that’s a piece to discover. You may have defined your target market, or maybe that’s lacking clarity. You may know the results your clients get, or you have uncertainty or lack confidence about it.

 Wherever you are with your pitch, what’s needed is deeper ownership of who you are and what you are here to do.

 Many of us are caught up in how we’re supposed to appear and sound. We’re constrained by using “appropriate” marketing language. We are hidden, either in the herd or within ourselves.

 It’s time to get a little wild…or a lot. Let our weirdness out into the light of day. Find our freak flag and fly it. Because it’s our essence that will magnetize the right clients to us.

 In this workshop we will play, stretch and explore in daring and unusual ways. Our mission is to  liberate an expanded expression of you!

 All you need is a willingness to play out-of-the box. Nothing to lose but constraint. Everything to find – YOU! Come play with me.

 Jump in now to give yourself that extra boost in this amazing times.

 When: Thursday, April 23rd

Where: Online (Link provided after signup)

Time: 9am-1pm (Link provided after signup)

Value:  $97.00 your investment $27.00

Please let me know if you have any questions.