The Best Way To Get Past Your ‘Early Stage’ Entrepreneur Phase.

As an entrepreneur working to build your business, there are many challenges and demands that cause overwhelm and stress.  We can often feel isolated, with times of little or no support. Making an effective decision about the direction for your business can feel like shooting at a target in the dark.

For those who have been in business for 1-3 years, there is a very specific learning curve that happens. You know more about your business, but you may be challenged to know which thing should be next on your “to-do” list. There

are many demanding decisions that need to be made based on time, money, training and what to prioritize.

And in the midst of all this, you find that you’re no longer anywhere near the freedom and fulfillment that you’re doing all of this for.

Don’t let yourself stray far away from the business – and life – you envisioned for yourself! You need someone who you can trust to remind you

What if you could surround yourself with people who really care about your business, a group of experienced entrepreneurs who are committed to helping you stick to your vision?

Welcome to The Business Trust, a Mastermind created to give newer entrepreneurs the wisdom and support from people you can depend on.

What is a Mastermind? 

Imagine being part of a small group of people who are all committed to consciously improving their lives and realizing their dreams…

Each brings unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to the group. Most importantly, each is committed to actively working towards their own goals—and supporting the other members in achieving theirs. It’s a true win-win opportunity.

Napoleon Hill coined the concept of the mastermind alliance in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each other’s success.

Of course, people have collaborated for mutual benefit since the beginning of time. The process of creating an organized Peer Mastermind Group provides a focus and structure for applying that support for an ongoing basis.

A mastermind group is only as effective as the strength of these 3 elements:

The Structure: Without a strong structure, Mastermind groups tend to devolve into social gatherings or simply fade away. The structure ensures equal contribution and participation as well as maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The Commitment: The group must take priority in your life, or you may as well not bother. It’s easy to let this, like other commitments in our life, slide—with the same undesirable consequences: reduced trust in self and others, fewer results without progress on goals that are important to you, and without proactive-support for your dreams. Make this a priority, and your life can literally transform.

The People: The synergy created between like-minded people, who are committed to growing and developing for themselves and others, can be a catalyst that takes each person to a new level of understanding and achievement. Different perspectives can also ensure that people are seeing all sides of the equation.

Ask yourself…

…“What if there were eight other people, that, as they moved forward in their lives, were also thinking about me and how they could support me? How they could they teach me, include me, and how they could create for me?”

…”What if I was doing the same for those eight other people in my group….what might that mean to my life?“

This is a level of support that most people don’t ever get to experience in their entire lives!

The Business Trust is curated carefully for success.

Based on your application, you will be matched with the best group possible.  When we say match, that doesn’t mean that you will be with people who are the same as you.  We mean that we will match you to an effective and powerful group that you can contribute to, and receive support from. Each group member will sign up for the same period of time and are looking to give and receive similar types of support. We’ll meet online and meetings are facilitated.  All meetings are three hours and are recorded. All members are required to attend all meetings and fully participate.

This is a call to those of you who know that you need support and are ready to commit to a powerful business strategy — proven throughout history to exhilarate the growth of you and your business.

But make no mistake – this isn’t just about taking your business to the next level. It’s about being part of a group of people that’ll make sure you don’t forget why you want to.

The Business Trust

Wisdom and support from people you can depend on.

Begins January 2017

This Mastermind Group The Business Trust will support you, right where you are, with your personal and professional goals.

We will focus on, and dig deep into two key areas over the course of the beta group:

  • The small group mastermind format allows you to get customized support for you and your business. We will capitalize on your strengths, and coach and support you in ways of dealing with stress, procrastination, and other concerns related to your development in your business and personal life.
  • This facilitated format will give you teaching & wisdom along with challenge and accountability in a group of your peers with similar growth-oriented goals. You will outline your goals and be supported to achieve these goals with accountability, feedback and referrals that guide you to living in your genius.

Your Mastermind Leader & Facilitator—Brenda R Bryan

Hi, I’m Brenda, and I’m badass at running smooth and effective groups—with more than 40 years experience facilitating group process work and individual development. I make sure that everyone contributes, gets results, and has fun.

I have been an entrepreneur for the majority of my career enjoying the creative process of thinking outside the box and succeeding my way. In the past, I have been the founder of a number of non–profit organizations as well as a manager/consultant for corporatibb_14444787ons, and once got hired to get a business back into the black, while working to align the structure and behavior with their core values and mission statement.

Because I am a seeker, I am constantly striving to expand my skills and engage in methods and systems that are leading edge, designed to help you grow and develop the context in which you can succeed in all areas of your life.

My work is to support and empower you to achieve your highest dreams by working from your strengths.

I’ll help you rid any beliefs, patterns and habits that no longer serve you or your business, and I’ve got your back every step of the way as you explore what living in your full potential really means.

I focus on results for my clients:



Jen Price

Brenda is amazing! She’s so much more than a “Coach”… she’s a deeply compassionate Business Therapist and absolute badass Communications Maestro. I felt so comfortable with her that I spilt all my business fears and frustrations to her in our first complimentary session. Not only did she recognize where my mindset was getting in the way, she was able to show me how it was affecting my communications with clients and partners – so that I knew exactly what action to take to improve. Beyond our coaching sessions, I’ve also attended her workshop and have been led through an incredible drum journey, and every interaction is an enlightening and soulful experience. If you have the chance to work with her – take it! She’ll help you jump over hurdles to achieve your biggest dreams.

Jen Price | Fantasy Copywriting |





Photo by Erica J Mitchell

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

I found great value in Brenda Bryan’s Express Your Genius Mastermind Group.  Brenda is a fabulous facilitator, good listener and offers good information and materials on identifying your strengths and core values, aligning those strengths and values with your business, and setting goals.  She held me accountable in a positive, caring way, and supported me as I stretched and stepped outside my comfort zone.  I found that the cohort model of the Mastermind Group – working with the same people over a period of time – was very beneficial.   By working together over a period of time we got to know each other, build trust, and understand each other’s businesses.  This allowed us to be real with each other, provide meaningful feedback in a supportive, caring way and sincerely celebrate each other’s successes.  I gained clarity on how to talk about and market my business, got real about my strengths so I know what I can do and what I should hire people to do for me, and have developed confidence to step into and own my Genius as a “Canine Coach”.  I highly recommend Brenda’s Express Your Genius Mastermind Group.


Dawn Jansen | Certified Senior TTouch Practitioner the Pawsitive Companion |

Are you ready to move to the next stage with a group of entrepreneurs committed to helping you stick to your vision?

Select your level of participation and apply now!  

Remember, the greater the sacrifice of time and/or money, the greater the commitment and better the outcome.  Your application will be reviewed, and If we determine you’re a great candidate for working with us and other entrepreneurs privately in this high level mastermind, we will schedule a call with you!  Space is limited to nine participants so avoid disappointment apply today!

Please note that The Business Trust has a required 3-4 hour meeting prior to the start of the monthly meetings.  Monthly meetings will start in January 2017.  

The Business Trust Mastermind will be delivered in two ways: online to people across the country, and in person in the Portland OR area.


There is a few ways you can choose to take advantage of my services that meets your needs.

Level 1 – $297.00 per month  

or $3,267.00 if paid in full (saves you a full monthly payment)

What you get:

  • 3 hours once a month mastermind meeting  (via zoom or in-person in Portland)
  • 6x 1-1 coaching sessions, scheduled 1x bi-monthly (value $1200.00) (via zoom or in-person in Portland)
  • Facebook group
  • Reduced Ticket to Mastermind Retreat  $297.00 (regular price is $997.00)
  • Reduced price on VIP Day  $997.00  (regular price is $1500.00)

Level 2 –  $497.00 per month

or $5,467.00 if paid in full (saves you a full monthly payment)

What you get:

  • 3 hour once a month mastermind meeting (via zoom or in-person in Portland)
  • 12 x  1-1 coaching sessions, scheduled 1x month (value $2400.00) (via zoom or in-person in Portland)
  • Facebook group
  • Complimentary ticket to Mastermind Retreat (regular price is $997.00)
  • Reduced price  VIP  Day  $750 ( regular price is $1500.00)