Brenda provides a perspective launching clients a new beginning in developing empowered relationships. Brenda’s clients report results like:

“With nearly six months of working together, this month has been my busiest and most profitable ever, and has brought an incredible influx of connections, new partnerships, and growth. Thank you, Brenda, for guiding me towards this shift! I couldn’t have gotten to this point without your support as life coach, business coach, and accountability partner.“


Working with two people, one person said,


“It feels so good that you understand both of us and are helping us really hear each other.”

“I came to you with one thing and found that I needed to deal with something else.”

“I felt safe with your gentle manner, I could go to places I was afraid to go with anyone else.”

“I was in the middle of this situation and your voice came in my head with your sage advice.”


Brenda came to a deep understanding of change through her own life experience and then educating herself.

She noticed that after years of political activity the disparity her community felt when their actions failed to create any change, Brenda began looking for a different means to create change. A turning point in this search came as a result of reading the book “Working from the Inside Out” by Sonia Johnson, which changed her approach to everything she did. From that point on she recognized the need for tools that would change the world through the inner work that reflected the outer consciousness.

Later, Brenda started a new direction as a student at Heartwood Institute. After years of study in Bodied Centered Therapy work, she worked with a variety of corporations and non-profits. Brenda worked with Heartwood to restructure the organization in order fulfill its mission and purpose as a healing vocational arts school and intentional community.

She considered it a great privilege to interweave her passion of creating social and political change with the practical applications of her studies in group dynamics. She used a therapeutic approach to create a community that established ability to resolve conflict through personal responsibly and practicing emotional intelligence. Brenda’s work with Heartwood encomassed the holist approach she uses as a Business Coach.

After leaving Heartwood, faced with a number of heath challenges she began feeling frustrated, confused, and she gave up becoming obese, depressed, and physically ill. She lost touch with her vitality and no longer knew how to thrive. After a two major surgeries she realized she needed to make a important decision: Was she willing to commit to living or continue to dig her own grave one bite at a time?

She became curious about the power at the end of her fork, the power of food as medicine. Finding this power in making one small change at a time, she established new habits and consciously chose a healthier, happier path leading her to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Graduated with as a Certified Health Coach.

As a knowledgeable advisor in the areas of Business, Emotional Intelligence, Communications, and Health, Brenda provides ongoing support, gently guides as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve all aspects of your life. As a Transformational Coach, she listens carefully and helps you navigate the world of contradictory advice to determine what changes work for you.

  1. Do you feel stuck?
  2. Wondering where to start?
  3. Willing to begin feeling more joy, peace, and vitality?
  4. Want adventure? Step into your passion!
  5. Ready to smile from the inside out?


Together we explore concerns specific to you, discovering the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. You receive the support you need to do the inner work that transforms the outer challenges you are facing. Once you get started your personalized program will radically improve mindset, your happiness, and your business leading you to live a lifetime of passion and you’ll find yourself smiling from the inside out.

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