Do you have a plan yet?

Because working hard without direction isn’t going to help you a bit.
Creating a plan is the only answer.

I see it all the time, and I’ve done it myself. Going all over town from networking events to coffee meetings, arranging power partners and taking an online course or two …

Trying like hell, without any traction.

It’s not because you’re doing the wrong things. And it’s not really about your confidence or ability to ask for what you want.

The real problem is a lack of focus and intent. You haven’t committed to what you want, with a plan to get you there.

You can keep putting in a shit ton of effort, but until you bring your whole self to your work, you won’t achieve your biggest dreams.

I’d like to invite you create your 2019 Passionate Plan with a group of passionate, fun, and beautiful entrepreneurs –just like you!

Learn how to manifest what you want in 2019 by feeling it in your body, visualizing it, and writing it down to strengthen your results.

More About the Workshop:
We’ll go through a series of goal-setting exercis­es that will set you up for success because you’ll base your yearly plan on the things that excite you, with actions that make you come alive:

• Setting Intentions exercise
• Drum Journey
• Journaling
• Goals and action plan
• Rewrite your story
• Treasure map
• Emotional Intelligence Test


DATE & TIME: January 11th, 10am-5pm LOCATION: TBD
COST: $247
INCLUDES: Materials, coffee & tea, and one hour break for lunch